Spy Cam – August 2023

Reader Contributed | July 25, 2023

“Tommy, Stay Put! Lassie Has Gone To Get Help!” This scene was captured on June 17, 2020 at 4:50 p.m. in Lincoln County on the trail-camera of Travis Burroughs. That stump hole must be sweet—Travis got the picture below seven days prior.


Trail-Cam Coyote Cull Incentive: Andrew Standard, of Hinesville, sent some pictures from his Liberty County farm. “I trapped a few coyotes back a month or so but didn’t think about entering them. Then in the past week I had three different pictures of coyote destruction,” Andrew said. The day he got the picture of a coyote carrying a dead fawn he put a trap out before dark and caught the yote pictured. “Hopefully I have saved some deer and turkeys for the future. Thanks for nudging me to get out and do my part to protect the game for the future! The coyote was taken at my farm in Gum Branch in Liberty County.”


I Can Wait All Night: Jason Holland, a subscriber from Canton, got this picture of a buck bedded down next to a feeder. It was taken at his Marion County property on March 19 at 3:45 a.m. “This was a new feeder I put up a week before, and I have a buck guarding it here watching a raccoon,” Jason said.


Bobcat Takes Down A Deer: Sam Wilbanks submitted a dramatic series from Oglethorpe County near Maxeys. The first photo shows the attack, and then there were pictures of just the deer still moving a bit. Finally, the bottom photo shows the bobcat dragging the deer away.

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