Spy Cam April 2021

Reader Contributed | April 4, 2021

Email your trail-cam pictures to [email protected]. Please include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption. Print images can be mailed to GON Spy-Cam, 4331 Seven Islands Road, Madison, GA 30650.

Coon Heavy In Meriwether County: “At least now I know why the deer are so skinny, and who gnawed through two layers of the plastic at the lid, ate the fins, disc and destroyed the wiring to the solar panel of this Moultrie,” said Jeff Whatley, of Peachtree City.


Hey! Where’d You Get That Deer Leg? This coyote was caught on trail cam with a deer leg in its mouth. Chad Davis got the picture in Putnam County near Eatonton.

“How Do You Turn This Thing On?” Matthew Burnette got this picture of a doe eyeing a new feeder with hope that it would soon produce that magic yellow corn. He got the picture in Oconee County during the spring of 2019.


And The Answer Is… April 2: There’s been lots of talk about the timing of when gobblers breed hens. We can answer that question for this pair of mountain turkeys. It was April 2 at 7:38 a.m., according to the trail-cam of GON member Stuart Beavers.


Bobcat Takes Down A Deer: A big bobcat has a Lanier County doe in this picture captured on trail-cam by Mark Bradford near Lakeland. The action took place at 6:21 p.m. on Jan. 3.


What The Heck? Puffer Fish, Practical Joke? This submission definitely made us laugh. Ted Deiter, of Athens, got this picture back in 2009 in Terrell County. “Have no idea… If someone played a joke, they have never told me,” Ted said.

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