Letters To The Editor: November 2023

Reader Contributed | October 31, 2023

Jim Fuller, of McDonough, and his family are now a jug fishing family. They read an article on jugging in GON about a year ago and now enjoy doing it on Lake Jackson.

“That Friend May Be A Poacher” Struck A Nerve

Dear GON,

First let me say I love your magazine! I have been a long-time subscriber.  I just read the article in this October issue written by Susan Lindsey entitled, “That Friend May Be A Poacher.” I must say, I was angry at those who betrayed her trust! Maybe, just maybe, I would have named names in that article to ensure no one else allows those creeps to hunt their land!

In a similar situation a number of years ago, I had a couple of hunters on my lease that we had given instructions to “not shoot” a particular 7-point buck as we wanted to let him grow another year. The very next week after showing this guy the picture of the 7-point buck, he shoots it! Then, he has the nerve to say to me, “Well you’re not going to have to worry about that 7-pointer no more!” Needless to say, I was angry! And he and his friend are no longer hunting my lease!

Sad to say, there are slob hunters everywhere. But, that being said, for the most part, we hunters are a good bunch.  Real hunters are a good bunch. People like the creeps Ms. Lindsey had on her property are not hunters. They give real hunters a bad name. I feel sad they took advantage of her friendship, but there are plenty of us out there who are great people who respect the owner’s property and their wishes. We are real hunters.

Richard Moorman, White Plains

Benefitting From Being GON Community Member

Dear GON,

Hello. I read an article in GON about a year ago about how much fun jugging for catfish can be, especially for kids. We’ve been doing it since the article came out and love it. We got a surprise on a recent trip to Lake Jackson when we picked up a 20-lb. blue cat, a longnose gar and a pretty nice spotted bass all while jugging and using cutbait.

Jim Fuller, McDonough

350 Copies Of GON Provides Walk Down Memory Lane

Dear GON,

I grew up in Louisiana and moved to Atlanta in 1993 and have been a loyal subscriber since moving here. I have saved all of my issues of GON dating back to late 1994. When you were asking for back issues that you didn’t have in your collection, I dug through my 350 copies, and I do have a September 1995 copy, but for some reason, I couldn’t find December 1995. I’m happy to let you borrow that one in order to digitize the content.

When I saw your article looking for those two back issues, I  quickly went to see if I had those two months. I didn’t think it would turn into a nice afternoon going down memory lane as I couldn’t help but being drawn in by articles that kept catching my eyes as I looked for those two copies.

I have really enjoyed GON over the last almost 30 years now and wanted to say thank you. GON has been an integral part in my learning and being successful hunting and fishing in Georgia after I moved here. It has truly led to great memories.

One thing that I have been especially appreciative of has been the fishing guide articles, as those have led me to a number of fishing guide connections over the years, not only as a clients but as friends with Doug Nelms and Joe Partenza, as well as Doug Youngblood, Barry Stokes and Larry King, all some of the best fishermen, fishing guides and all-around great guys to spend a day on the water with.

Rob Endom, Brookhaven


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Kaylene Weaver, kaylenebeth_93, with a Macon County buck from Sept. 16.

Brady Martin, of Blue Ridge, with a Taylor County buck from Sept. 23.

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