Letters To The Editor – March 2020

GON Staff | February 29, 2020

I’m 13 Years Old And Have Found My Hunting Passion 

Dear GON,

My name is Wells Green, and I’m 13 years old. I would like to see more articles in your magazine about hunting with dogs. 

I hunt hogs with my dad and uncle, and we use dogs. My dad and I started hunting with my uncle a couple of years ago, and we love it. We hunt almost every weekend from the end of deer season to the start of turkey season. We also hunt in the summer after turkey season goes out and before deer season starts again, but the winter season is better because it’s not so hot. The dogs can run all day in the winter season, but in the summer we have to stop once it gets hot.

I really like hunting with dogs because you don’t have to be quiet, and we get to ride 4-wheelers. Also, you get to play with the dogs when they are not hunting. I like it when we catch a big boar hog, but the small ones are fun, too. 

I wish we could hunt hogs all year long, but I don’t want someone to hurt the dogs while they are hunting deer. I have never hunted deer with dogs, but that sounds like it would be fun also. 

So can GON have more articles about hogs and also more articles about hunting dogs? Thanks,

Wells Green, Jefferson


We’re Seeing Multiple Bucks Chasing Late In The Mountains 

Dear GON,

My brother and I live in two different counties. He is in Stephens, and I am in Habersham. For the last several years, I have seen bucks chasing does from mid-January through mid-February. My brother saw two different bucks Jan. 31 chasing does, and I saw a nice buck chasing a doe on Feb. 1. 

I wish that the DNR would consider, again, extending the season into February. Alabama extended theirs a few years ago until Feb. 10, and I hear they are considering going to the end of February. Me personally, I hunt both states, and I guess the truth be known, it’s because of the extended season. 

Thanks for your time. 

Tim Canup, Toccoa


Would Like To See CNF Deer Season End On Jan. 1 Again

Dear GON,

Thanks for all your hard work in putting out such a fine, quality magazine. I always look forward to getting it in the mail each month. Also, congratulations to the hunters who had a successful season this past year. 

I hunt primarily on the Chattahoochee National Forest land east of I-75, and I’m glad that this year was closed to antlerless deer hunting. I think this will help our deer population to increase in the future. However, I would like to see our deer season go back to ending on Jan. 1, instead of Dec. 26. I’m not sure why this was ever changed a few years ago, but it would be nice to have that extra six days back again that we used to have. It would give us a few days between Christmas and New Years to get that extra hunt time in and maybe even catch a second rut here in Rabun County. 

Again, I’m not sure why or who changed it to Dec. 26, but I hope whoever is in charge would reconsider this change and extend the season back to Jan. 1 or possibly later to coincide with other closing dates. 

Thanks again, GON!


Kevin L. Nix, Clayton


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