Letters To The Editor: December 2023

Reader Contributed | December 1, 2023

Anslee Wilson, 20, of Tifton, got her target buck “Lefty” 20 minutes into her first sit of the season on Nov. 3 in Ben Hill County.

Thanks For Addressing The Problem Of Jealous Hunters

Dear GON,

I agree 100% with everything you said in your article about jealousy in the editorial in the October issue of GON. Advancements in technology, including social media, are nice at times, but they also allow people to voice opinions that would never have previously been heard, and probably shouldn’t be heard.

Thanks for your comments and defense of Tyler Jordan. I live in Harris County not far from Realtree Farms and have even hunted there a couple of times. So I know first hand the amount of work they put in and that all of their hunting is fair chase.

More importantly, thanks for your boldness and willingness to write about the root of the problem, the flesh. You approached the issue perfectly, admitting your previous struggle and pointing to Scripture for the answer. This sort of commentary is very refreshing in today’s world.

I’m a business owner and often hear complaints. It’s good to hear a compliment sometimes. Keep up the good work.

Phillip Tully, Fortson

It’s Never A Bad Time To Tell Snake Stories

Dear GON,

I am careful about telling snake stories, but in my many years of roaming the woods, I have some to share.

I once saw a black snake climb three young pine trees that were growing together in a clump by circling the trees, and he climbed pretty quick. He started out on the ground and was up 10 feet or so in no time. I was amazed, and we just stared at each other for a while. He wasn’t going to be caught on the ground.

Another time I chased a black snake into my basement and lost him until I saw him frozen into a vertical position above a workbench trying to blend in with the wires and tools.

Another time in south Georgia at Horse Creek WMA a diamondback crawled under my tree stand.

I live in a rural area and one time a dark gray snake with a distinct wide “hood” crossed the road ahead of my truck and briefly stopped, raised its head and went on. I have seen lots of snakes but never one with the classic hood. He was only about 4 feet long, but I got a good look at him.

My neighbor swears he saw a snake climbing down a tree with a baby squirrel in its mouth. I bet others have even better snake stories.

Alton Powell, Chattahoochee Hills


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Riley Savage, 17, of Social Circle, with a solid buck from Rockdale County.

Sam Martin with a 137-inch buck from Polk County on Nov. 1.

Katlin Plumlee, of Knoxville Tenn., was in Heard County on Nov. 4 when she took her first deer.

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