Great, Now Coyotes Are Carrying Machetes!

Trail-camera photos from GON Spy-Cam, January 2022

Reader Contributed | January 4, 2022

Coyotes Going Ninja: Yes, the world has officially gone insane and off the rails… now coyotes are carrying machetes! The deer and turkeys are like… ‘Oh great, as if it wasn’t bad enough out here.’ Greg Woody, of Carroll County, got this picture in Heard County. The machete had fallen off a 4-wheeler. He later found it while trailing a deer a good distance from where this picture was taken.

Regrets, Or Proud Of A New Fighting Weapon? GON subscriber Steve Nail, of Hampton, got trail-camera photos of a Pike County buck that might be either embarrassed about losing a fight with a rope, or proud that he has a new weapon that can snatch the antlers right off the head of another buck. “The color photo (below) was taken Sept. 27 in the morning hours. Looks like he did some heavy-duty rooting in mud and debris,” Steve said. The nighttime photo and several others were taken the first week of October. “Note the additional antler entangled in the twine that this deer apparently snatched off the head of another buck.”

Pays To Be Big And Tall: This buck learned it didn’t have to wait on the timer to go off at the feeder. Danny Gorman, a GON subscriber from Maxeys, submitted the photo. “I got this photo along with many others of the same Madison County buck standing and eating corn straight from the feeder. I guess he figured out where the corn was coming from. This picture was taken on Sept. 30, and my wife and I have passed up this 10-pointer on several occasions this bow season.”

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