Georgia Spy Cam – November 2023

Reader Contributed | October 30, 2023

Email pictures to [email protected], and please include your name, GON subscriber number, hometown, county where the picture was taken, date, time and any interesting details for a caption.

Don’t Trust A Snake: A game camera near Hahira in Lowndes County caught a pair of rattlesnakes slithering toward a group of raccoons. Holly Reddings said, “Just thought it would be a good reminder to watch your feet when walking through the woods.”


Too Much White? This big doe has a healthy looking pair of twin fawns, but one is certainly not like the other. The doe appears to have some white on its side, but nothing like her piebald fawn. Carl Wilson submitted the photo.


Trying To Tell Us Something? Barry Park, of Stockbridge, took notice of the formation at the end of the G2 on the Macon County buck on the right at this feeder. “Smaller buck must not like my corn, gave me the middle finger!” said Barry.


Rubbing It In: “After seeing only one hen, I left the woods too early on April 11,” said Terry Greene, of Milledgeville. “At 10:30, this trio of gentlemen showed up.” Terry hunts in Jones County.


Will Climb For Food: Sherri Fuentes got this great trail-cam picture in Jones County of a bobcat chasing a squirrel up a tree.


Low-Level Fly By: GON subscriber Michael Bivins, of Dallas, got this trail-camera picture on his Meriwether County hunting property.



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