Days GON By – February 2016

Looking back at what was in the pages of GON.

GON Staff | February 10, 2016

Each month we turn back the clock to see what was being reported in the pages of GON, both 20 and 10 years ago. Here’s a look back at what appeared in GON.

In 1996, this gigantic hybrid bass caught from Lake Chatuge was not only the state record, but it was the world record. The beast weighed 25-lbs., 8-ozs. and was caught by David Hobby. The current world record weighs 27-lbs., 5-ozs. and was caught in 1997 in Arkansas.

20 Years Ago: February 1996

A New Look At The December Break: Twenty years ago Georgia deer hunters in the Northern Zone had what was referred to as “The December Break,” where deer hunting was closed for three weeks before opening back up for a short period after Christmas.

In the February 1996 issue of GON, it was reported that hunters showed up at WRD’s public hearings, and a majority of them were in favor of getting rid of the December break. The data came back stating that 58.3 percent of hunters were in favor of the proposed elimination of the December break, while 31.7 percent didn’t know and 9.9 percent were opposed.

“It Had Antlers When I Shot It:” Max Mason, of Rockmart, was hunting in Heard County on Dec. 28, 1995, when he shot a nice 10-point buck. The buck fell, but then got back up and was quartering away when Max shot again. The buck went down, and Max walked over to where the deer fell. When he was 25 yards away, he noticed that something wasn’t right.

Max Mason was surprised when he recovered his Heard County buck in December 1995. The impact of the shot and the commotion afterward caused the buck to shed its antlers.

“I was amazed that I didn’t see his antlers sticking up,” said Max. “As I got closer, I noticed the bloody spots on top of his head.”

Apparently, Max’s buck was about ready to shed its antlers when it was shot. Most bucks in Georgia shed their antlers in February and early March.

10 Years Ago: February 2006

When Bobcats Attack!: Chad Chapman, of Blakely, was attacked by a rabid bobcat in his carport on Dec. 26, 2005. It was after dark, and he was getting something from his wife’s vehicle when he heard the cat scream. When Chad looked up, he saw the cat in mid-air headed for his leg. The cat sunk its teeth into Chad’s leg.

“I grabbed the back of the cat’s neck, and then I started punching it in the face,” said Chad.

Chad’s Jack Russell terrier was there and latched onto one of the bobcat’s ears, which allowed Chad to free himself. Chad was able to get a shovel and break the cat’s neck.

Chad had to go through a series of rabies shots after the bobcat tested positive. The dog was also fine after the attack.

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