GON November 2017 Issue

GON Staff | November 1, 2017

This Week 3 Harris County brute is the first of two record-class bow-bucks killed by Glenn Garner this season. The other is in Week 5 of Truck-Buck.

Photo by Daryl Kirby


November 2017 Feature Articles

The Hunt For Shady
Here’s the full story about one of the best bucks ever killed in Glynn County, and one of the best bow-bucks ever from the Georgia coastal region.

Sam “The Bird Man” Fite
There was a time when the Georgia mountains offered premier grouse hunting. Sam Fite and his dogs lived it well.

Next Level Trail-Camera Scouting
It’s not just when you get pictures. Details and conditions are key.

Hotspots For Crooked River Trout And Redfish
The November inshore fishing can be great at these locations.

Deer Reports: Acorns And Rutting Activity
October lull is about to be replaced by cold temperatures and rutting action in the Georgia deer woods.

Weiss Bass Mapped For November
10 GPS holes for largemouth and spotted bass on Lake Weiss.

Big Bucks, Good Numbers In Truck-Buck
After a record opening, the action continued despite warm weather during the archery-season weeks.

Higher Learning… To Hunt
UGA’s Warnell School introduces college students to hunting.

Start A Bass Fishing Team
Here are seven keys from Kenny Johnson’s experience creating a competitive bass fishing team at West Georgia College.

Great Marsh Shotgunning, Little Pressure
Gallinule and rail are plentiful, under-hunted — and can be tasty.

Kayak Fishing 2017 State Championship
Clint Henderson takes top honors on Ocmulgee River.

The Freak: A Survivor’s Tale
Part 4 of GON’s Fall Fiction Series


News Stories

673-lb. Rabun Bear Is Georgia’s Heaviest Ever!

93-lb. State-Record Blue Catfish Is A Monster

Push For Sanity In Federal Saltwater Regs

UGA Researching Black-bellied Whistling Ducks

GON’s Youth Big-Buck Contest Coverage

UGA-Boone & Crockett Partnership Proposed

Days GON By: Looking Back At GON Stories
30 Years Ago: Ben Rogers Lee Talks About His New “Sparrin’ Sac”
20 Years Ago: DNR Catches Hoop Netters With 300 Pounds Of West Point Fish
10 Years Ago: Deer Crashes Through Albany Window


November 2017 Departments

Letters To The Editor

Fishing Reports

Wild In The Kitchen: Mr. Miller’s Venison Roast

Kids Outdoor Outpost And Word Search: More Camo Tips

Hunter’s Journal: Harris County Kids In Deer Camp

Game Warden Reports: Lake Oconee Cast Netters Poaching Game Fish

GON Kids: 28-lb. Striped Bass For Young Lanier Angler


Realtree Kids Scrapbook

Tournament Reports: Kip Carter Wins BFL Regional On Wheeler

Georgia Spy-Cam


Daryl Gay’s Back Page

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