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Kids Outdoor Outpost November 2017

Joe Schuster | November 4, 2017

Last month we spent some time reviewing the basics of concealment and the history of camouflage, but there are two areas that were overlooked: covering the face and hands.

On my way home from a recent outdoor event in Conyers, I drove by several nice pastures and fields. The archery season was under way, and I briefly glanced over to see if any deer were in the fields. I easily spotted a hunter in the tree line with his face sticking out. It was as if someone had placed a spotlight on his face. If I could see a hunter in a tree driving by a field, a deer certainly can spot him.

Bowhunters need to be especially aware of covering not only the face but their hands, as well.

I do not generally like to wear fabric face covers that feel uncomfortable, block sound and restrict my peripheral vision. So, I’d like to pass on a cheap and easy solution for face camo. Use burnt cork.

Have an adult help out, and take a flame to a piece of cork. Get a mirror, and go to work on your own unique face camo design. Also, there are still places to pick up Halloween face paint. Go for browns, greys, greens and blacks, and work on your face paint skills.

As for the hands, my gloves change with the weather. In warmer weather, I like lightweight gloves with a rubberized grip on the palms of the hands. As the season changes and the weather gets colder, I go for a pair with thicker material. I use a back tension thumb release with my bow, so I cut the thumb off any gloves that I will use while bowhunting. When I’m using my muzzleloader, pistol or rifle, I will pick a thicker pair but cut the forefinger off the glove for better trigger sensitivity.

One of my friends likes to tell stories about a guy named Daryl that he used to hunt with when he was younger.

This guy was always into something and was always making them laugh. For example, the day before a hunt, Daryl was boasting of a new pair of boots that he bought at Walmart for only $9. Well after the morning hunt, the hunters were gathered around the fire telling stories, and they saw that Daryl was rubbing his foot. Daryl had his boots off, and they noticed that he had two left boots. No wonder they were only $9.

Well, this brings another story to mind, this time about gloves. Daryl had bought a new pair of hunting gloves. The fellow hunters told Daryl to cut the finger off the trigger finger of the glove, so he could get a better feel for the trigger. Well when Daryl came back to camp, they noticed he was missing the right thumb and the left pinkie of the gloves. When they asked what happened, Daryl said he forgot to cut them in daylight and took a knife to them in the dark. So, make sure that your gloves don’t interfere with your ability to squeeze the trigger on your gun or archery release, and make sure you cut the correct finger.

I recommend wearing something on your head. Most hunters wear some type of camo hat, and when it gets colder, many will wear a toboggan, which is great for camo, too. Make sure you also camo the tops of your ears. Again, use the burnt cork or face paint. But remember, it doesn’t matter what type of camo or how much you use if you can’t keep still in the stand.

Good luck, and stay safe in the field.


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