ZEBCO 808 and 888 Can Handle Larger Fish

GON Staff | June 9, 2016

You know the situation. You have a friend who doesn’t fish that much and doesn’t have the hang of baitcasting reels. And for them, spinning reels always seem to get tangled up. What do you do when you want them to be able fish for bigger fish like bass, stripers or catfish?

Fishing’s most popular large spincast reels, the Zebco 808 and 888, enter the summer of 2016 with a thumb button that’s now anchored to the body of the reel for a much more solid feel, plus the reels feature a hardier anti-reverse system.

Recognizing the 808 and 888’s popular roles as tow trucks for large species like blue catfish and even striped bass, the spool has been internally modified to create a non-slip surface for anglers who often use braided line.

Plus, the drag system has been improved to cover a wider range of drag settings, and the snub-off component has been enhanced to allow anglers to cast heavy lures or lead without fear or frustration of slippage occurring on the cast.

Adding to the spincast’s most appreciated quality of tangle-free fishing is a uniquely designed T-ring that greatly reduces the fishing line’s ability to travel behind the spinnerhead of the 808 and 888.

Both the 808 and 888 feature a 2.6:1 Power Drive. The 808 comes factory spooled with 20-lb. line. The stainless-covered 888 is ready to go out of the box with 25-lb. test and a large-stamped stainless Power T handle.

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