Uncharted Watercraft Scorpion & Outbound Kayaks

Pack it up. Paddle it out. The future of Kayaking.

Mike Rhodes | June 9, 2018

Formex Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to introduce Uncharted Watercraft. A new line of revolutionary new kayaks that are the most compact, hard sided kayaks on the market today.

The Scorpion has a split front float design for maximum stability making it ideal for all riders regardless of experience. The multi-piece frame allows the Scorpion to disassemble in seconds and pack into the rear float. Once packed up, the Scorpion fits into the trunk of most cars and can be shipped via FED EX or UPS with no oversized charges. When assembled, the Scorpion is just under 8’ long and has a capacity of 250 lbs.

The Outbound has an emphasis on angling with two rod holders in the rear float and one in the front. With its 500 lb. capacity and 11’ total length the Outbound can accommodate most every rider. The Outbound has a three-piece frame and packs up like a clam shell for convenient storage and easy transportation. Simply use the wheels provided to roll it like a suitcase and place it into the back of an SUV or a truck bed. Both models are made of twin sheet polyethylene for maximum durability. The sit on top design includes foot wells allows the paddler to place their feet on the front float while paddling. When the rider is finished paddling simply lower your legs into the water to rest the back and turn with your feet. Both models provide one or two 6” diameter storage hatches. The Scorpion is available for just $975 while the Outbound is $1,235.

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