Think Small When Planning On Your Own Camphouse

GON Staff | June 12, 2016

Television shows featuring miniature homes have people thinking smaller these days. Southland Log Homes, America’s favorite log homes, has the perfect small log cabins to build as a small fishing or hunting lodge or a small log cabin getaway,

Southland Log Homes can help you design the perfect log cabin. All of their log cabin plans and small log cabins can be custom designed to your specifications at no extra cost. Since log cabin homes come in many shapes and sizes, they can be designed to fit a wide variety of sites and budgets.

The 12×20 is $12,500 with a floor system, or $10,500 ready to put on a slab.

This cabin includes:

  • 4×12 or 6×6-D logs only (8-foot, 5 1/4-inch exterior wall height).
  • 2×4 interior stud framing.
  • 3068 2-panel, 9 light fiberglass door.
  • 2×8 rafters for main structure.
  • Two 3050 wood windows.
  • 2×6 porch rafters.
  • 2×10 floor system with 3/4-inch OSB subfloor.
  • Includes shingles for roof.

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