The Yooneek Soft-Side Reel Case

Safe, Secure, Organized.

Press Release | February 17, 2020

The innovative new Reel Case from Yooneek resolves a multitude of problems angler face by providing safe, secure organization for valuable reels and spools.

A soft but rugged 3-mm neoprene case cradles reels in six elasticized interior pockets that accommodate spools/reels up to four inches in diameter and most common bait casting reel sizes. Reels are protected from the dings and scratches that occur in transit to fishing grounds and can be quickly accessed when the action heats up.

The Yooneek Reel Case will perform in extreme weather and the toughest conditions. Keeps your reels free from dust, dirt, mud and fish slime won’t effect it, and it cleans up in a snap.

A double-sided, padded center divider pocket provides and extra layer of protection as well as room to organize lines, leaders, shooting heads, flies and other essentials. On simple day trips, the Yooneek Reel Case is just the right tool to stow a reel, a spare spool or two, a few fly boxes and essential gear.

The main feature of this travel Yooneek Reel Case is the fact it is MADE OF 3-mm Neoprene an excellent material for year ’round usage.

Key Benefits of Neoprene:

1. Immense physical toughness. Synthetic rubber is flexible over a wide temperature range, durable, resilient and hard-core durability. 

2. Resistant to solvents. Good chemical stability and is stain resistance. 

3. Water and weather resistant. Resilient and resistant to extreme temperatures and compression.

4. Provides soft, spongy, cushioning and protection besides being lightweight. 

5. Latex free.

The Yooneek Reel Case measures 12 inches by 6.5 inches by 3 inches deep. A 22-inch nylon zipper secures the whole system. Double pull tabs are grippable even when hands are wet. A 4-inch web loop handle simplifies attaching it to a gear bag or backpack.

The perfect gift for any serious angler, The Yooneek Reel Case is available at the Yooneek products website.

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