The Gentleman’s Skinner From Freedom Knives

GON Staff | January 5, 2016

Fremont Knives continues to provide consumers with a quality skinning tool that has a more traditional look and appeal.

The Gentleman’s Skinner has a little more traditional look with gorgeous rosewood handle and a quality leather sheath. This knife has a bit more of a traditional design than other Fremont Knives, to simply give the customer a more traditional tool. The Gentleman’s Skinner holds very true to its name as a skinning knife, but it also works well as a multi-use camping knife. Either way you swing it, this knife does some serious work. With a trapezoid hole at the top of the blade, put your index finger upon top of the spine and you will notice your thumb fits perfectly in the hole to add additional grip.

The owner of Fremont Knives, Michael Jones, is a lover of traditional knives such as this one.

“I’ve always loved simple knives that perform extremely well in a variety of situations. The Gentleman’s Skinner is a perfect example,” said Jones. “It is simple yet remarkably beautiful and performs perfectly when skinning big game.”

Fremont Knives is based out of Lander, Wyoming. The landscape there is extremely rough and rugged, and so are the people who inhabit this country.

The company’s aim is to design high-quality knives that satisfy hard-working individuals who are also hard on their equipment. At Fremont, they’ve made it their mission to build knives that can stand up to any challenge, in any situation, no matter how tough.

Fremont is constantly building, testing and improving. The result is quality knives with precision craftsmanship overseen by experts with over 40 years of experience.

“We don’t just design knives; we design knives that will last generations and stand up to the test. Our team of experts knows knives and knife building inside and out,” the company says.

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