Sportsman’s Condo Offers Worry-Free Hunting Time

GON Staff | May 3, 2016

As a serious hunter, you don’t make any apologies for demanding the best from your equipment.

Hunting season is just too short to take chances on products that might not deliver the goods. At Southern Outdoor Technologies, they understand this and have built a stellar reputation on maximizing your time in the field with products that exceed the lofty expectations of our hunting customers.

The Sportsman’s Condo keeps even the harshest of elements from ruining your well-laid hunting plans. Why? Because the folks at Southern Outdoor Technologies are just as serious about your success as you are.

With a Sportsman’s Condo, neither rain, nor snow, nor slicing arctic winds can keep you from your time in the field. This one-piece modern hunting fortress has no seams to leak, rattle, rust or rot. For the hunter who is serious about spending more time in the field and increasing his chances of spotting that trophy, the Sportsman’s Condo is simply a must have.

All can be used either as ground blinds or with the addition of an All-In-One Base Stand, elevated safely up to 10 feet for the ultimate hunting experience.

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