Rugged Road Launches Kickstarter For Venture Cooler

To support a couple of college kids, hunters and anglers can pre-order this cooler for $99.

Press Release | October 18, 2018

ATLANTA – Rugged Road Outdoors is raising capital to fund their initial manufacturing run of the Venture cooler. The Kickstarter raised over 25 percent of their $85,000 goal within the first 24 hours of launching.

The Venture cooler is the lightest cooler on the market that can retain ice for eight days, and it is one-third the price of its competitors. Rugged Road Outdoors utilizes an entirely new manufacturing process to maintain Venture cooler’s light weight and durability.

Rugged Road is offering rewards for participation in its Kickstarter campaign. The retail price of Venture coolers is going to be $139, but Kickstarter participants are able to purchase the cooler with a $99 pledge. Pledges are only charged once its campaign goal is met.

“It’s exciting to see the Kickstarter off to a good start after two years of preparation,” said co-founder Spencer Sutlive. “We have a long way to go, but it’s motivating to see this much progress this early.”

Rugged Road is offering rewards for smaller pledges, as well.  Pledges of $25 or more receive a T-shirt, and smaller donations will be eligible for future discounts.

“The rewards program is great because it allows us to give back to people who believe in us,” said co-founder Henry Collins. “It allows us to stay connected with our supporters and community.”

The Kickstarter ends November 24, 2018. Pledges can be made at on the KICKSTARTER website.

About Rugged Road Outdoors:

Rugged Road Outdoors was founded by college students in October of 2016. Rugged Road’s goal is to deliver the best gear on the market for the best price while providing their customers with a great experience. Whether a consumer’s rugged road is taking a stroll to their local park or climbing a mountain, Rugged Road Outdoors wants to be there every step of the way.

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