Plotmaster Systems Introduces The New Hunter 500

Press Release | March 5, 2020

Wrightsville, GA – The customer spoke and we listened!! You all wanted a heavy duty 5′ foot wide Plotmaster unit that could be pulled with the growing population of small less than 40 hp compact tractors as well as a product that could be used with their larger 4WD UTV’s (700 cc or larger). With all of this in mind Plotmaster Systems is proud to introduce our newest product to the Hunter Line. This new unit is being called our HUNTER 500 model.

Our new Hunter 500 comes standard with an adjustable front gang, rear v-gang, versaseeder seed system, metal drag, and cultipacker. The Hunter 500 will be pulled on a single point hitch system allowing the unit to free flow with the terrain of the ground. Additionally the unit will come with two 16 inch tires that can be lifted or lowered to go from travel mode to planting mode with one flip of a switch. The Hunter 500 will come standard with 12 deep notched, heavy duty disks (adjustable v-gang in the front and a standard v-gang in the rear) all 16 inches in diameter and 3 mm in thickness. The disks are spaced 8.25 inches apart. The large seed box will hold up to 75 lbs. of seed and is 45 inches wide.

This all in one tillage and planting unit will allow hunters and land managers to plant and maintain their food plots in a cost effective and efficient manner for the first time. No more hauling multiple implements to the track of land or losing precious moisture making multiple passes. With The Plotmaster, users could now disk, plow, seed, cover, and cultipack their food plots in a single pass using their ATV, UTV, or tractor.

Although the original Plotmaster was built strictly to plant food plots, over the past 10-12 years the uses for this all in one product have grown. Customers have found that it works well for plowing fire breaks, leveling roads, planting grasses for grazing, planting wildflowers, and even vegetable gardens.

We believe that the Hunter 500 will be a great addition for the person who what’s to manage their property with a small compact tractor or large UTV. Call or email us today to receive your delivered quote!!! – Ty Herrington email: [email protected] phone: 888-MAX-GAME

Suggested Retail Price: $6,599 FOB

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