Plotmaster Introduces VERSA-SEEDER

Blaine Burley | February 24, 2010

PLOTMASTER 400 Electric

Blaine Burley, (President of Plotmaster Systems, Ltd.) planted the diverse blend of seed pictured below in a single pass using an ATV and the 2010 Plotmaster Hunter 400 Electric equipped with the company’s new VERSASEEDER™ System.

Going approximately 8 mph, Burley planted over 5 acres of food plots in less than 2.5 hrs. The PLOTMASTER™ is the perfect wildlife management tool for today’s sportsmen and land managers who want to plant food plots and manage their recreational properties effectively. Because of its compact design, it is ideal for planting food plots in a variety of settings, including rough hard-to-get-to places such as firebreaks, utility right-of-ways, and small forest openings. Its compact design also allows planting of remote, isolated areas without damaging trees and/or equipment.

Plotmaster Systems, Ltd. has added many new, innovative features to the new, improved PLOTMASTER™ Hunter Series for 2010 including PLOTMASTER’s new, patent-pending VERSA-SEEDER™ system. This new reverse auger-brush seeder system will plant virtually any type of seed with ease including grass seeds and hard-to-plant seed blends. These units are an excellent choice for small/hobby farming or landscaping as well as food plot and garden plot planting. “The appeal of the new PLOTMASTER™ Hunter Series is their versatility, durability, and affordability,” shares Blaine Burley. “They’re versatile in that they will perform several functions at once; saving time, energy and money for today’s land managers.

Plotmaster Systems, Ltd is headquartered at 111 Industrial Blvd., Wrightsville, GA, 31096. For more information about the PLOTMASTER™ or other Plotmaster Systems, Ltd. products, please call 888-MAX-GAME or visit


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