Plano Tackle Bags Made To Hold Maximum Loads

GON Staff | April 3, 2016

Whoever coined the phrase “less is more” was probably ashamed of his undersized and underperforming tackle bag. Less storage capacity? No thanks. Fewer features? Um… no. Less functionality? Okay, as long as it’s your bag, not mine.

New for 2016, Plano is proud to introduce a newly designed family of tackle bags offering more high-capacity storage than ever before. Meet the all-new M-Series, which includes two sizes of core M-Series Tackle Bags (3600 and 3700 sizes), as well the M-Series Messenger Bag and M-Series Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag, magnum-caliber offerings from the masters of tackle management.

Plano’s new M-Series Tackle Bags feature mighty main compartments that hold up to eight fully loaded StowAway Utility Boxes; a delightfully cavernous capacity that is sure to have guides, tournament anglers and any other lure-centric fishing fanatics smiling from ear to ear. On the exterior, these striking olive green bags with blue accents feature a total of eight zippered pockets and four slip pockets to secure all tools, accessories and gear in easily accessible locations. An impact resistant and waterproof base prevents both slipping and soaking in sloppy locations.

Less is least. More is the Plano M-Series, and it features more quality components and aesthetics than ever before and maximum capacity. The all-new M-Series consists of two Tackle Bags, a Hydro-Flo Tackle Bag and a Messenger Bag—innovative tackle storage designs merging huge interiors with a sexy signature look.

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