Muzzy’s X-celerator Drop-Away Arrow Rest

Stephanie Mallory | December 4, 2008

New X-celerator Drop-Away Rest

The Muzzy X-Celerator arrow rest is everything you could ask for from an arrow rest plus some things you never dreamed were possible. Best of all, one model fits all bows, both left- and right-handed, and installation takes less than five minutes!

Unlike all other “drop-away” arrow rests on the market, the X-Celerator actually features a “drive-away” design utilizing a rigid cable attachment secured to the downward cable, which brings the rest up at full draw and drives it out of the way of the arrow. This unique feature allows you to control the speed at which the rest drops as well as the amount of rest travel. No drag, no interference and no torque result in the perfect arrow launch each and every time.

The X-Celerator’s innovative design allows for 100% fletching clearance on all bows regardless of bow speed, draw length or cable slide travel, and the absence of springs and strings ensures accurate, reliable performance with every shot on every bow.

With the Muzzy X-Celerator on your side, the only thing you have to worry about is where to hunt.

For more information on Muzzy products, call 1-866-387-9307, or check out

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