Livingston Lures Use Sound Technology To Attract Fish

GON Staff | April 11, 2016


The difference is clear. Livingston Lures are designed to not only catch fish, but to call the fish to you!

Livingston Lures feature Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS) technology, which is embedded on a smart chip in the internal sound chamber of each lure. Livingston’s EBS technology makes natural sounds mimicking baitfish that bass feed on.

It’s more than just sight and noise; it is natural sounds baitfish make. Sensing sound in the water is one of the most important attributes a fish has to locate food or to keep it from becoming food.

Livingston Lures focuses technology on how fish hear, and they design lures based on that science.

As all fish can hear, all fish make sounds as well.
When fish swim, their gill plates compress their swim bladder, which puts out sounds that entice hungry predatory fish to strike.

The technology is activated when the lure is submerged in water and automatically turns off when out of the water and completely dry.

The EBS technology is found in all of Livingston lures ranging from topwater lures to deep-diving crankbaits.

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