High Voltage By JEBS Chokes

Press Release | September 22, 2019

From the leading choke tube company in the nation, JEBS High-Voltage Choke Tubes are designed to easily and effectively handle steelleadbismuth or any other shot you wish to shoot. The patented design gives the shooter a more consistent shot pattern, a more distinctive & shortened shot-stream, and incredible knock-down power for those much needed “longer shots.” Offered in ported and non-ported models in either black nitrate or original dull.

JEBS High Voltage Waterfowl Chokes available in:

  • .410
  • 28 Gauge
  • 20 Gauge
  • 12 Gauge
  • 10 Gauge

JEBS Chokes currently holds the still target World Record. With their exclusive, patented choke sizes JEBS Chokes were developed out of necessity for better patterning and an increased shot load on target. Today, JEBS manufactures chokes for every shooting sport; from sporting clays to turkey hunting, upland bird hunting to dove shooting. Prized for its reliability of selected material, the lifetime guarantee and innovative technology of JEBS choke is quickly becoming the “Go-To” choke tube for the serious shot gunner.

For more information on JEBS Choke Tubes or for order inquiries, please visit Jebs Chokes

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