Havalon Knives Feature New Interchangeable Blades

GON Staff | September 2, 2017

The Baracuta-Blaze has surgically sharp replaceable blades.

What is it that you need your knife to do? If you’re a hunter and fisherman, the answer is everything.

The Baracuta-Blaze by Havalon Knives uses our signature replaceable blades and Quik-Change technology. We’ve upgraded to bigger handles and longer blades with the Havalon Baracuta series. Expect the same surgical precision as our Piranta series, only larger. Made for skinning, filleting, deboning and any other general hunting and fishing needs.

The Baracuta-Blaze is a top choice for hunters and anglers looking for a bigger knife that packs an extra punch. The Blaze features our high-quality surgically sharp No. 115XT hunter’s blade, ideal for skinning and deboning big game. It also fits our No. 127XT fillet blade and No. 115SW serrated bone saw blade.

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