Girsan MC312 Goose

The MC312 Goose is a gooses worst nightmare.

Press Release | December 3, 2021

Direct from the leading U.S. firearms importer EAA, comes the readily available MC312 Goose semi-auto, 12-GA, just in time for the upcoming waterfowl season. Available in 2.75”, 3” and 3.5”, this lightweight shotgun is meant for the blind or pit and will withstand a lifetime of abuse. The stock and fore end are built out of high-impact polymers for a lifetime of use. The receiver is made of aircraft aluminum rounding out the durable and functional design. The MC312 by Girsan features a vented rib with a fiber-optic front sight and extended screw choke tubes in a common thread pattern. The overall length of 52-inches and a 30-inch barrel allows the shotgun to swing smoothly giving the shooter a better opportunity to fold wings on the follow-through.

Girsan MC312 Goose:

  • Polymer Stock and Forend
  • High Visible Sight
  • Inertia Single Action Shotgun
  • Red Dot Optics Ready


Available at finer sporting goods and firearm retailers nationwide. For information, please visit

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