Get Your Bow Into Your Stand Safely With HSS Bow Hoist

GON Staff | December 3, 2015

With the introduction of the new Bow and Gear Hoist, Hunter Safety System (HSS) has addressed the issue of how to safely, silently and quickly get a bow or other gear into a tree stand.

The Bow and Gear Hoist is lightweight, easy-to-use and virtually tangle free, as there are no ropes or cords to contend with.

Weighing in at only 3.17 ounces, the new Bow and Gear Hoist measures just 3.75 by 3.2 inches, and it is small enough to store in a back pocket. It features a 2-inch carabiner with a rubber coating on the large end to deaden sound, and a swivel attachment allows bows or gear to spin freely to prevent binding of the ribbon.

To use, simply attach your bow to the Bow and Gear Hoist’s carabiner, use the clip on the back to attach it to your belt—or place it in a secure pocket—and begin your climb. The ribbon will unwind during your climb. Once in the tree stand, use the ribbon to raise your bow hand-over-hand. To lower your bow, simply clip it to the carabiner again and lower it to the ground, allowing the ribbon to slowly slide through your fingers.

Gear Hoist is part of the HSS family of products and available at retailers nationwide. HSS is an Alabama company that helps make GON’s Truck-Buck contest possible.

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