Gear Up: ThermaCELL Insoles, Trulock Turkey Chokes

GON Staff | November 3, 2014

Keep Toes Toasty With The New ThermaCELL Insoles

ThermaCELL ProFLEX Heated Insoles foot warmers are the newest addition to the ThermaCELL line.

Designed to make any cold-weather activity more enjoyable, they have all the features of the original ThermaCELL Heated Insoles, but the new ones are more flexible, comfortable, have longer use time, contain a removable and rechargeable battery and can be charged using either USB cable or wall charger. Simply place the heated insoles inside footwear and activate the heat with the wireless remote, then adjust heat (medium or high) or turn off with remote as desired.

The ProFLEX Insoles’ durable, lightweight, soft cushion polyurethane foam construction is breathable, conducts heat efficiently and has great retention and shock absorbency for all-day comfort.

They maintain a steady temperature inside your footwear, keeping your feet at normal body temperature or slightly warmer as desired, as opposed to chemical foot-warming pads that get hot to the touch and can make your feet sweat.

ProFLEX insoles are powered by embedded rechargeable, removable lithium-ion polymer batteries. They can run continuously up to five hours—or much longer if used in intervals—on one charge. They recharge fully in just four hours.

When one battery runs out, simply insert a new battery without even removing the insoles from the shoes for continuous use all day.

ThermaCELL insoles are made for men or women and fit any shoe size from a women’s 4.5 to a men’s 14. The insoles retail for about $180 and are available at or local retail stores.

Fuji Rod Components Adds New Line For Rod Wrapping

Those who custom-build their own fishing rods expect perfection. Fuji Rod Components has added a premium quality wrapping thread to their product lineup for 2014.

Ultra Poly is the first polyester rod wrapping thread custom manufactured for Fuji to exact specifications. It contains none of the oils or silicones that have been a problem with polyester threads in the past. Reviews point to ease of use and excellent finish. It is available in 16 colors and two sizes in Ultra and “NOCP.”

For more information, contact info@anglersresource or call Fuji’s U.S. distributor, Anglers Resource, at (251) 943-4491.

Tenzing Offers Space Age Technology In A Day Pack

Tenzing created the new TZ CF Legend Pack by starting with their top-selling CF 2220 Day Pack and coupling it to an ultra-light, 24-inch carbon fiber suspension frame to effectively create three packs in one.

The detachable 2220 can be clipped to the suspension frame to become a unitized frame pack or can be worn independently as a stand-alone, lightweight hunting day pack.

When sheer carrying capacity is the goal, the carbon fiber suspension frame can be worn by itself to pack out very heavy loads.

The bottom line? A more advanced and versatile hunting pack simply doesn’t exist.

The one-of-a-kind TZ CF Legend provides hunters with the added load-carrying capability of a frame pack in a package that’s much more manageable and useful than a larger, dedicated frame pack. It’s truly a pack you can live with on any hunt. Both packs—the detachable 2220 and the suspension frame—feature their own padded and contoured shoulder straps for the kind of all day wearer-comfort that defines the Tenzing brand.

When worn as a complete unit, the 6-lb., 14-oz. TZ CF Legend provides a total of 12 pockets and compartments, five specialized zip compartments and multiple compression straps to secure all necessary gear… and then some.

The TZ CF Legend also carries your gun or bow in its dedicated fold-out boot, as well as an optional 2-liter hydration reservoir. Hip compartments are detachable for an added degree of utility. With this much grunt, the TZ CF Legend’s only downside is that its owners could easily find themselves taking up the slack of the lesser packs in camp. To this we respond, “Just tote your own gear.”

Trulock Introduces New Load-Specific Turkey Tubes

Trulock introduces its new Long Beard XR series of choke tubes designed specifically for Winchester’s popular Long Beard XR turkey load.

Providing you the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any lead turkey load Winchester has ever offered, the Long Beard XR turkey load drops gobblers at distances out to 60 yards. Shot-Lok Technology protects the shot during in-bore acceleration, launching the round in a near-perfect circle for hard-hitting and extremely tight long–range patterns.

Trulock has designed each Long Beard XR choke model to be specific to the shot size being used.

George Trulock, owner of Trulock Choke Tubes, said, “If you shoot different shot sizes through the same choke, you could see a big difference in the pattern for each size. That’s why we decided to make each choke model specific to the Long Beard XR’s No. 4, No. 5 and No. 6 shot, and to tell you the truth, the results were quiet impressive.”

Combine the Long Beard XR turkey load with Trulock’s new Long Beard XR choke tubes to maximize the shell’s performance. With the remarkable combo, you can expect 10 percent greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards and twice the number of pellets in a 10-inch circle out to 60 yards.

Nockturnal Redefines Arrow Flight With New Vanes

With a stabilizing rotational spin rate 10 times faster than conventional vanes and being almost unaffected by crosswind, the new micro-diameter, six-vane Helios fletching and nock system from Nockturnal has redefined arrow flight.

Utilizing aerodynamic lift properties on six small fletches instead of velocity-robbing parasitic drag of three larger conventional fletches, the Helios delivers extremely quiet flight, unmatched accuracy and deeper penetration at the target.

Since archers realized that the addition of feathers to arrows made their flight more stable 10,000 years ago, not much has changed beyond switching to polymer materials and adding helical angle and deflection to those vanes to create better accuracy through spin. The new Helios reinvents arrow flight through the application of simple aerodynamic principals to produce faster rotation and incredible crosswind resistance. The suggested retail is $34.99.

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