Gear Up: Nockturnal Nocks, Catfish Condo, HSS Reversible NRA Harness

GON Staff | August 3, 2014

Lighted Nocks Ands Bolts Aid Predator Hunters

Nockturnal has taken all of the guesswork out of adding the benefit of lighted nocks to your crossbow quiver with the introduction of its universal Predator Nocks and hassle-free Predator Bolts.

With its hybrid-nock profile, the Nockturnal Predator Nock was designed to work with all crossbows, whether they require a flat-back, half-moon or capture design. The injection-molded urethane nock contour creates a universal solution to string contact requirements, and it helps prevent string wear while creating vibration reduction during release.

The internal diameters of carbon crossbow bolts vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer, so Nockturnal designed the CNC-machined aluminum bodies of its new Predator Nocks in two sizes with the ability to compress and seat firmly and squarely into just about any full-size carbon crossbow bolt on the market.

The patented piston-driven contact switch is encapsulated in the urethane to protect it from inadvertent activation and maximum water resistance, but it is guaranteed to activate immediately when the string is released.

Weighing just 35 grains, Predator Nocks can be used with crossbows that produce speeds in excess of 450 fps. Predator Nocks require no assembly, and with a lithium battery life of more than 20 hours, you can still find your bolt under bright sunlight the day after.

Nockturnal Predator Nocks come in a pack of three. They are available in either red or green and retail for $39.99. The Predator Crossbow Bolts are available in a 3-pack with an MSRP of $64.99. To find a dealer, visit

Catfish Condo Is Where The Fat Cats Like To Hang Out

Our new “Catfish Condo” was developed with the input from a leading university fisheries department. The Catfish Condo weighs 9 pounds and measures 28-inches long and 16-inches wide.

For use in ponds and lakes, the polyethylene structure will never rot.

Catfish Condos are sold in a set of 6. The Catfish Condo not only provides a hiding spot for catfish, but it will also attract other fish.

For more info, contact Southern Outdoor Technologies at (662) 295-5702, or visit

New NRA-Licensed Reversible Vest, Harness From HSS

For hunters who enjoy both archery and gun seasons, Hunter Safety System has announced the introduction of the new NRA-licensed Patriot safety vest.

This stylish, reversible harness features Realtree Xtra on one side and blaze orange on the other to allow hunters to use the same harness throughout the entire hunting season.

“We are truly honored to be working with the NRA on this project,” said Jerry Wydner, HSS president and co-owner. “We believe through this new partnership our combined efforts will help to educate a great number of hunters about treestand safety and the importance of being connected to the tree from the minute your feet leave the ground.”

HSS merged all of the best and most popular features from its harness line into the all-season Patriot. Made from Tricot fabric for warmth, comfort and water resistance, this material was also carefully selected for its ability to remain quiet while moving.

A front zipper closure, removable binocular straps and four deep, billow pockets with magnetic closures provide storage and access to everything the hunter may need during a long day in the treestand. The camo side also features two strips of MOLLE-style webbing to attach extra gear.

The Patriot vest features the company’s new 1.25-inch upper-body webbing, tether and waist buckle, which provide a lighter weight, more snug fit. Like all HSS products, the Patriot offers extraordinary strength for complete safety and confidence while hunting or installing equipment aloft. Blaze-orange accents highlight the buckles and zipper pulls.

Weighing just 2.5 pounds, the Patriot is the ideal harness for anyone that enjoys hunting more than one season. As expected from HSS, the new Patriot comes standard with a lineman’s climbing strap, primary treestrap and a suspension-relief strap, which doubles as a deer-drag. The Patriot will be available at retailers nationwide later this summer.

Visit for more information.

Aqua-Vu Underwater Camera Portable And Convenient

Wonder what Alexander Graham Bell might say today about the evolution of his “electromagnetic telephone?” Given that the modern smart phone fits nicely into your pocket and works everywhere you take it—a dramatic departure from enormous earphones, rotary dials or connected tin cans—it’s a safe bet Bell would be an instant convert to modern technology.

The angling electronics architects at Aqua-Vu both originated and re-invented the underwater viewing system, all within the span of several decades. While price tags and physical size of these fishing cameras continue to shrink, convenience, functionality and visual interface have all expanded. A case in point is Aqua-Vu’s new Micro 5c, a self-contained underwater video viewer with a spacious 5-inch LCD screen.

Equally at home in freshwater and saltwater, frozen water or in the boat, the Micro 5c is as portable and convenient as the phone in your pocket. Punch a button and call up the live video viewer. Deploy the acorn-sized camera optics with a quick flip into the water. Sit back and enjoy the underwater show, as fish and their world reveal themselves in vibrant color video.

The Micro 5c is a turnkey underwater viewing system that includes a 5-inch vivid color LCD and a high-resolution Micro camera with 50-feet of rugged optical cable. The cam is also equipped with Aqua-Vu’s Auto-Light Sensing IR illumination system, for maximum visibility in dark or dirty water.

Driving this real-time fish finder is a diminutive Li-Ion battery—the same rechargeable power source that juices everyone’s iPhone.

“A lot of folks in my boat who haven’t operated an underwater camera in a few years are pleasantly surprised by how much easier these Micro cams are to use than previous models,” says professional bass angler, Ott DeFoe.

“That’s what technology is all about. Things just get better—more user-friendly and affordable—all the time. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a category leader, too, whether it’s Samsung, Humminbird, Apple or Aqua-Vu.”

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