FireDisc Cookers Now Shipping To Retailers

Press Release | March 22, 2019

FireDisc Cookers is excited to announce that America’s most versatile and portable outdoor propane cookers are shipping to retailers across the country just in time for the spring adventure season. Following last year’s unprecedented demand by anglers, hunters, tailgaters, and campers who enjoy convenient outdoor cooking for small or large groups, FireDisc has set new production benchmarks to ensure products are on the floor and ready for purchase.

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Why have FireDisc Cookers become the go-to cooking solution for outdoor enthusiasts? It is because the FireDisc Cookers system uses common portable propane fuel and an innovative, three-piece design that lets you cook any food in the outdoors quickly and easily. Available in cooker or skillet models in 24- or 36-inch stand heights, the FireDisc’s broad cooking surface accommodates large portions and features multiple “heat zones” so you can prepare several food items at a time that require different cooking times and temperatures.

Another convenience feature is a cooking surface that seasons much like a cast-iron skillet, so cleanup takes only water and a wipe. Furthermore, the FireDisc’s three-piece design with fold-flat legs allows the system to be easily transported in any vehicle. In short, the FireDisc system makes campsite, shore-side, or tailgate set-up fast, cooking easy, and cleanup a breeze.

All FireDisc cooking systems are supported with a variety of available accessories to further enhance outdoor cooking convenience, such as wind guards, spatulas for cooking and frying, cooker covers, cable locks, cutting boards, and extended LP connectors.

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About FireDisc Cookers:
Houston, Texas based FireDisc Cookers specializes in the design and manufacturing of the world’s most the innovative, high-quality and versatile, portable outdoor cookers and accessories. The company was founded by two entrepreneurial brothers, Griff and Hunter Jaggard, who, armed with a makeshift tractor plow disc, set out on a mission to build a cooker worthy of everyone from the world’s top chefs to hunters, fishermen, backyard family grill masters, tailgaters and campers. FireDisc Cooker products are currently sold in retail outlets nationally and online throughout the globe.

Heavy-duty, ultra-high carbon steel construction renders the cookers virtually indestructible, while meticulous design yields convenient portability and ease-of-use. A rigorous Chef-Tested/Chef-Approved quality assurance program enables the cookers to deliver unmatched cooking characteristics, as vetted by some of the world’s leading chef’s. Prior to their launch of FireDisc Cookers, the founders formed a non-profit to raise money and find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, which they are still heavily involved in today. To date $1M has been raised via The Carney Men Bike MS team. Their passion for philanthropy extends to the business with FireDisc supporting multiple charitable events throughout the year. For more information, visit

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