Barnett Ghost Crossbow Shoots 415 FPS, And It’s Light

GON Staff | March 12, 2016

The new Barnett Ghost 415 Revenant is a flagship crossbow from a company that’s been building and improving on crossbows with the needs of serious hunters in mind for 50 years. It’s a top-quality bow with custom composite laminated limbs capable of shooting a bolt 415 feet per second and delivering 153 foot-pounds of kinetic energy downrange.

That hard-hitting power comes out of a bow that is compact—20 inches axle to axle—and even lighter, at 7 pounds, than previous versions of the Ghost line despite generating more power. Barnett’s goal is to give serious, experienced hunters a flatter-shooting crossbow that hits the target harder.

Experienced hunters like speed and power out of a bow, but they also know it must be matched by precision and accuracy for maximum effect. Barnett’s designers also know this, and they’ve pushed the limits of technology here, too.

The Ghost 415 Revenant starts by building on the best of Barnett’s industry-leading technology. Most notable is that the 415 features Barnett’s proprietary Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), which shifts the balance point away from the riser and back to the shoulder of the shooter. Reducing the weight at the front of the crossbow—CRT is 43 percent lighter than traditional risers—improves the bow’s balance and making good shots easier for the hunter. Barnett’s ultra-light, super-strong Carbonlite riser boasts the perfect balance of weight and speed.

The Ghost 415 Revenant is powered with TriggerTech Technology. TriggerTech’s Frictionless Release Technology is a patented free-floating roller that sits between the sear and the latch. The roller eliminates sliding friction that causes creep and heavy pull-weights. FRT increases your accuracy by providing a crisp, 3-lb. pull and an instant zero-creep release. TriggerTech also incorporates a nock sensor system that insures an arrow must be properly seated to fire the crossbow.

Other critical areas, such as the flight track and the Picatinny rail, are manufactured with computerized numerical control (CNC) machining processes, which create the highest possible standards for uniformity and precision. The arrow itself rests in a Barnett-designed, patent-pending bristle retainer.

Top-end features that are proven successes in Barnett bows, such as the Crosswire string and cable system, and safety elements such as finger minders and a pass-through foregrip, are also part of the Ghost 415 Revenant design.

For more information about the Ghost 415 and other Barnett crossbows, visit their web page at

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