Aqua-Vu Erases The Theory Of What’s Underneath

GON Staff | January 7, 2016

Visualize viewing legions of largemouth bass and clouds of crappie all in the stunning color and clarity of a big-screen theater experience.

Given our lack of gills and built-in scuba goggles, Aqua-Vu has been happy these past two decades to oblige anglers with exciting glimpses into the world beneath the surface.

Multi-Vu HD is an advanced underwater viewing system equipped with high definition color optics, wide-field viewing and superior low-light performance.

Two year’s ago, in response to swift growth in sales of underwater cameras, Aqua-Vu began engineering an affordable HD viewing system expressly for anglers. Equipped with SONY digital HD optics and a professional grade image sensor, the Multi-Vu HD Underwater Viewing System yields the clearest, most dynamic underwater video available. An ultra-wide field of view also assures anglers will see every underwater detail—from shad to that big bass hiding in a brushpile.

In addition to exceptional daytime visibility, Aqua-Vu’s HD system is also specially equipped for enhanced night fishing or low-light, low-clarity situations. For more info, visit

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