2019 Obessions Bows

Jam packed with high speed, smooth feel, extreme customization and easy tuning.

Press Release | November 7, 2018

Is a product “refresh” the definition of new? Some of the largest bow companies will tell you yes. Obsession Bows, on the other hand, is committed to building bows with innovation fulfilling unmet needs of archers and competitive shooters around the world. The 2019 Obsession Bow-line is jam packed with high speed, smooth feel, extreme customization, easy tuning and the confidence that each bow is built with you in mind.

“We may not be the largest compound bow producer, but there is no one who cares more about you, the archer, than Obsession Bows. We are not “everyone’s” bow, but instead for those who care about every detail to ensure the bow is never the cause of a missed shot.” said Dennis Lewis, Obsession Bows – President.

The Obsession team has spent countless hours adding new benefits, not “features” to the line. This includes an all-new cam system designed to optimize overall performance, plus, a rotating modular so draw lengths can be easily adjusted without a bow press. The new OB TRAX 3-Track Cam system produces 90% let off and simple tuning for competitive shooters and hunters alike.

“We paid extra close attention to the hunter and our competition to determine where we can win.” said Mark Wenberg, Obsession Bows – Director of Product Development. “What we learned is archers around the world want silent speed, smooth draw characteristics and the ability to adjust on the fly. That is exactly what we delivered with our new line.”

For 2019, Obsession Bows introduces the following new models:

  • 2019 FX6: 6” brace height with new OB TRAX cam system producing high speeds and a smooth draw cycle while providing extreme let off.
  • 2019 FX7: 7” brace height with new OB TRAX cam system producing high speeds and smooth draw for shooters seeking longer draw lengths or a larger brace height.
  • 2019 FXL: At 34.5”, the FXL delivers the ultimate in stability and forgiveness, making this the perfect target & hunting crossover bow.
  • 2019 LAWLESS: The fastest bow hitting the market delivering up to 370 feet per second. Plus, the OB TRAX cam system makes the Lawless the smoothest speed bow EVER.
  • 2019 FINAL PRO X3T: 38” axle to axle length making this bow the perfect competition bow, plus up to 90% let off ensures time to hone in on that precise shot.
  • HB33: Packed with features intended for higher priced bows, the HB33 is built with Obsession’s extreme attention to detail. Plus, the OB Hybrid RZ Cam system produces a smooth draw and adjustability on the fly allows for more time hunting.

“I could have selected any bow on the market but instead, I chose the best. I chose Obsession.” said Brian “Pigman” Quaca. “The Obsession team isn’t concerned with mass producing bows, they simply want to ensure my bow is perfect and that holds true for the “obsessed” archers around the world. Obsession Bows is the only choice.”

If the fastest, easiest tuning, smoothest feeling and highest attention to detail in production is not what you are looking for, you should pick another company. If you want to separate yourself from the pack both in performance, design and reliability, then Obsession Bows is your home. Checkout the new product line at or visit select retailers around the USA who have received the “first look” samples today.


2019 FX6 – 6″ brace height with new OB TRAX cam system.

2019 FX7 – 7” brace height with new OB TRAX cam system.

HB33 – Packed with features intended for higher priced bows.

Obsession Bows is owned and operated by Arcus Hunting, an acquisition growth platform with a strong portfolio of leading brands in the hunting and outdoors category. Arcus Hunting owns and operates, Tink’s, Dead Down Wind, Obsession Bows, Ramcat, Trophy Taker and Rack One brands. For more information about these brands or products, please contact Arcus Hunting Public Relations at (800) 624-5988 or visit

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