Youth Squirrel Hunt Jan. 10 at West Point WMA

This is a great hunt for young kids who have never seen squirrel dogs work.

Brad Gill | January 7, 2015

There’s still time to sign-up for a free youth-only squirrel hunt with dogs at West Point WMA this coming Saturday, Jan. 10.

“It’s a free hunt with a free lunch Saturday at noon,” said event organizer Dave Cheshire, who goes by “crackerdave” on the GON web forum.

There are limited youth spots available, so parents of interested kids need to call Dave to sign up. He can be reached at (706) 443-6752.

There will be a designated spot for participants to meet up on Saturday morning before lunch. Youth and parents will then be assigned a dog handler and head out for an afternoon of hunting with squirrel dogs.

“This will be a great chance to introduce your kids to a type of hunting that doesn’t require sitting still or being quiet and will make for some lifelong memories for you and your kids,” said Dave. “It will be shotguns only, and the dog handlers will carry the guns. This is for safety and to give each hunter a shot.”

Dog Handlers Needed: Dave is still searching for squirrel-dog owners who would be willing to help out with this hunt. Call him quickly if you have an interest.

“Kids are the future of our sports, and all help is much appreciated,” said Dave.

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