Trapping Seminars At Outdoor Blast

Come meet the crew with the Georgia Trapper’s Association.

Brad Gill | July 24, 2023

GTA members are constantly educating folks on how to become successful trappers. Here’s a GTA member showing kids and parents how to set a leg-hold trap at the annual GTA Youth Trapping Competition.

Options for predator control of animals that eat fawns, turkey eggs and rabbits is a high-interest topic. We’ve partnered with our friends at the Georgia Trappers Association to bring their equipment and know-how and share it with Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast show-goers. GTA will host three trapping seminars at the Blast, and we know coyotes—a hot-button critter—will certainly be part of their trapping classes. In addition, GTA will have a booth at the Blast, so if you happen to miss the more formal seminar discussions, these guys will be at their booth for three days to answer any and all trapping questions.

Here’s a general breakdown of what to expect from these trapping seminars:

Friday, July 28, 2:30 p.m.: Join GTA Youth Director Jason Chapman with Predator Control Services as he lays out Georgia’s most up-to-date trapping regulations and what sort of trapping equipment you’ll need to get started trapping predators.

Saturday, July 29, 5:30 p.m.: There’s more than one way to catch a coyote. GTA Director Bryan Rooks with Central Georgia Wildlife Control will demonstrate a number of different trapping sets, explaining the different variations to remove predators from you hunting property.

Sunday, July 30, 12 p.m.: So you have the correct trapping equipment and know the current regulations, but exactly where do you set traps for predators? GTA President Josh Hall with Trapping Gone Wild will share how to look for the right locations to set traps and then explain what sorts of sets to use at those locations.

Other highlights of the Outdoor Blast are below:

Gun-An-Hour Giveaway

Just for walking in the door, Blast attendees will again have free chances to win a gun every hour of the show. A name will be drawn every hour among attendees who register for free each day. The person drawn will simply come by the GON booth, complete the federal background check, pick up their brand-new gun and take it home that day. The Gun-An-Hour Giveaway is made possible through a partnership with 30-30 Ministries, and with some awesome help from Adventure Outdoors. No raffle tickets to buy, just a simple sign-up for all show attendees who are 18 and older who have a paid ticket to that day’s show. You must be present to win, and you must claim your gun within 30 minutes of your name being called.

30-30 Ministries $1K Shoot-Out

The 30-30 Ministries $1K Shoot-Out is back at this year’s Outdoor Blast. This special shooting competition gives contestants the opportunity to win $1,000 by breaking raw eggs with the same style pellet rifle used in GON’s Truck-Buck Shoot-Out. Anyone at the Outdoor Blast can qualify on Saturday, July 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m., and 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (first-come, first serve as time allows.) Anyone who hits a raw egg from 45 feet qualifies for the finals at 4 p.m. where qualifiers will shoot at an egg from 60 feet to determine our $1,000 winner. Qualifying is $5 per shot, or $10 for three shots.

Fishing Seminars at Bass Tub

There’s a great spot at the Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast to take a comfortable seat, watch fish in a giant 30,000 gallon tank, and learn some new tips and techniques for your next trip to the water while you relax. Experts on a variety of types of fishing for a variety of species will be teaching seminars every hour during all three days of the Outdoor Blast.

3rd annual Yonah Invitational Turkey Calling Contest

For the third straight year, competition turkey callers will have the opportunity to earn a trip to Nashville to compete in the Super Bowl of contest calling at the NWTF Grand Nationals. The 3rd annual Yonah Invitational turkey-calling competition, a Grand National qualifying event, will take place at the Ag-Pro GON Outdoor Blast on Saturday, July 29.

Snake Shows at Outdoor Blast

If snakes make you squeamish, you can sit in the bleachers and still enjoy seeing and learning about a variety of live snakes, including a huge diamondback rattlesnake and other venomous species. Or, if you’d like an up-close experience that might even include holding a non-venomous snake, the Ag-Pro Outdoor Blast features a must-attend event. Jason Clark with Southeastern Reptile Rescue will be offering show-goers the chance to see and learn about snakes during the July 28-30 Outdoor Blast, GON’s hunting and fishing sportsmen’s show in Emerson.

Deer Scoring
Bring your mount or antlers, and our team of official Boone & Crockett scorers will tally up the inches, and your buck’s final score will automatically be listed in GON’s Georgia Deer Records. Look for the Deer Wall against the back of the building. Drop your rack off anytime during show hours Friday or Saturday, but please show up no later than 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 30. Don’t wait until the show is about to close on Friday and Saturday. Antlers dropped off near the closing hours of the show might not be available for pick up until the next day.

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