Rattlesnakes On The Porch

GON Staff | August 7, 2019

No burglars were breaking into GON member Bruce Canada’s Taylorsville home on Father’s Day.

Not with a 4-foot timber rattlesnake stretched out across the porch!

The snake was way too close to the house for comfort, and a second photo also sent by Bruce showed that the rattler understandably did not survive its visit to the Bartow County homeowner’s doorstep.

The folks at the GON office had our own rattlesnake-on-the-porch encounter on Tuesday, July 30. Just before editor Brad Gill opened a back door of GON‘s Morgan County office to walk outside, he spotted a good-sized timber rattlesnake just a few feet away on the concrete. The 4-foot snake had 10 rattles.

GON’s office is way out in the country in Morgan County, and seeing wildlife is common. But a rattlesnake right at the door?

The GON timber rattler was about 4 feet long and had 10 rattles and a button.

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