OUCH! Bullet Weight to the Face

Bet you've never seen a fishing injury quite like this...

Brad Gill | February 28, 2015

John MacKay, of Lawrenceville, was fishing on his lunch break with co-worker Blake McGee, also of Lawrenceville. Both work at Cisco in Gwinnett County and fish local ponds every day at lunch.

John was fishing a Texas-rigged worm with a 3/8-oz. bullet weight when he got hung up. John put the rod in his gut and pulled straight toward him to loosen the hook. When he did, the bait came zipping out of the water and directly at his head.

“It literally made a whistling sound as it came toward me,” said John.

As you can see from the photo, the bullet weight hit John directly in his cheek and actually broke the skin on the inside of his mouth, too.

“When I yelled ‘Ouch’ and pulled my hand back to see a lot of blood, I told Blake to come see what had happened,” said John. “He looked, laughed and said ‘Oh, I got to take a picture of this!’ He did. Then I said ‘Here take one with my phone.’ No lie.”

Another one of John’s co-workers, Mark Hill, of Loganville, was the one who shared this story with GON. Mark said, “It seems that the worm acted like an arrow fletching, lining up that Texas-rigged bullet weight point first as it shot back through the air. It drilled in and made a perfect entry hole.”

John did go the doctor, and it was decided that stitches wouldn’t work on the perfectly round hole. The doctor admitted that he’d never seen anyone with a bullet weight wound to the face.

Back at work, Mark realized what a unique opportunity had come to the table. He created a great Powerpoint image of John and his wound with the title of “You might be a redneck if you have a 3/8-oz. bullet weight embedded in your cheek!”

John added, “The lesson learned is never pull straight back on your line when you are hung up.”

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