New Lake Jackson Spotted Bass Record

A 6-lb. spotted bass slides Bill Haines into the Jackson record book.

Chad Cain | June 14, 2018

Bill Haines, of McDonough, has put himself in the Lake Jackson record books with the largest ever recorded spotted bass at 6-lbs., 0.02-ozs. He caught the new record spot on June 8.

Bill Haines with his 6-lb., 0.32-oz. Lake Jackson spotted bass.

Bill spends most every Tuesday and Friday nights at Berry’s Boat Dock Marina participating in the fishing tournaments put on by the marina. This particular Friday evening, Bill brought out his brand-new Nitro Z20 boat for the first time.

“We were about 10 minutes into the tournament and fishing a Zoom Trick Worm in about 12 feet of water, and I hooked her up at a brushpile,” said Bill.

His fishing partner, Chris Kuhn, was in the boat ready with the net to pull the fish up into the boat.

“I definitely was not expecting to catch a 6-lb. spot on Jackson Lake,” said Bill. “It was a surprise.”

This record-breaking bass gave Bill and Chris the big fish for the tournament and propelled them right into first place.

Bill said he usually fishes for largemouth on Jackson but noticed the spotted bass have become more and more common when fishing, and it is not unlikely to catch a 3-pounder on a day-to-day basis.

Maybe that new boat will help him land a few more of those record-class bass.

“Probably hadn’t made five casts out of it and caught that fish,” said Bill. “That’s a way to break one in.”

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