Largemouth Not Quite Large Enough

This bass bit off more than it could chew.

Brad Gill | February 24, 2015

Keith Hester was fishing in a Floyd County pond with his grandfather, Fred Bynum, when they happened upon something that most anglers will never see.

"While fishing that morning, we could tell that fish were hitting on topwater," said Keith, of Rome. "We noticed the commotion a couple of times and then saw what we believed was a single fish either sick or struggling in some sort of distress. As we trolled over to where this fish was, we noticed that instead of a single fish, we saw two fish stuck together in a manner I have never seen or heard of."

What they found was a bass with a smaller bass in its mouth.

"I assume these two were both after the same meal and ran into one another," said Keith. "The fish being ‘eaten’ was bigger than the one doing the eating. Both were pulled apart and released back into the lake where they both swam off."

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