Lake Allatoona Alligator Found Dead

GON Staff | July 19, 1990

Scott Webb and Cliff Scott, of Woodstock, were putting in near the mouth of the Etowah River at Lake Allatoona on July 9, 1990 when they saw what appeared to be a large fish floating on the surface about 100 yards away.

“We got about halfway to it when Cliff stammered, ‘That ain’t no fish… that’s an alligator!’” Scott said. “We couldn’t believe it.”

The anglers tied a rope around the dead alligator and dragged it to shore, where they were even more amazed by the size of the gator, 6- feet, 8-inches long.

There were no visible marks on the alligator to indicate what caused its demise. And no one is sure where the gator came from or how long it was in the lake.

This gator is stone-cold dead, but it’s anyone’s guess how it ended up north of Atlanta in Lake Allatoona.

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