Coyote Strolls Down City Sidewalk With Two Dead Cats

GON Staff | April 7, 2019

Coyotes love cats — and not for the same reason the crazy cat lady down the street loves them. Coyotes love to eat cats. And based on the number of coyote-cat encounters that end terribly bad for the cats, apparently domesticated felines that are let outside of their comfy human homes make a fairly easy target of opportunity for coyotes.

It’s no wonder that populations of coyotes are spreading and growing in suburban and even urban areas. House cats that spend time outside are probably much easier to catch than wild animals.

An Arizona man was driving down a residential street during the middle of the day recently when he spotted a coyote strolling down the sidewalk with something in its mouth.

“There’s a coyote with a cat in its mouth. Wow, look at that,” said Sean Wagner in his YouTube video posted on Jan. 22, 2019. As he followed alongside the coyote, videoing from his vehicle, Sean noticed the coyote doesn’t have a cat in its mouth.

“He’s got two cats! Holy cow, two cats. Not one, two,” Sean said.

Now that home security cameras have become common, there are lots of grainy, nighttime home surveillance videos of coyotes attacking cats around homes or strolling by with a dead one.

One attack was captured by a videographer who was making a documentary about suburban and urban coyotes.

This video is graphic — you might not want to watch this one if you’re a cat lover.

Another coyote encounter with pets that went viral a few years ago occurred in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was caught on video by Stanley Genadek.

“A pack of coyotes was on the hunt in the city and had went after a neighbor’s dog earlier that day,” Stanley said in his YouTube video description.

The coyotes stalked his house cat. After videoing the coyotes, and they began the attack. That’s when Stanley let his two dogs out, and he and the dogs rushed in.

“My land is surrounded by houses, kids and playgrounds in the city. Shooting it isn’t an option — discharging firearms are not allowed within city limits. And the fact that my property is surrounded by houses doesn’t make that a safe option,” he said.

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