Hawk Crashes Dove Field Party

Brad Gill | September 11, 2015

Crazy things can happen when you’re hunting, but when they happen twice, in the same location, exactly one year apart, it goes beyond crazy.

On the opening day of the 2014 dove season, R.L. Wingo, of Loganville, was hunting in Walton County.

“It was early afternoon, and there had not been a whole lot of action when the first dove of the afternoon flew over,” said R.L. “I threw up my gun and was off to a good start batting 100 percent with one shot and one kill. But as the bird hit the ground, a giant hawk swooped in and flew away with my kill.

“I am an avid outdoorsman, and I have never witnessed such a thing on a dove field.”

R.L. said he runs with a crowd that enjoys having a good time and cutting up, and when he went back to share his story of the hawk that ate the dove, his buddies enjoyed ribbing him a little.

Fast forward one year later to Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015, opening day of dove season on the same Walton County dove field.

“I was burning up in the early afternoon heat again and decided to go to my truck and grab a Coke,” said R.L. “I rode by my good friend Todd Quick and his son Maddox, who were sitting in my spot from last year. I grabbed my Coke and decided to get my camera and take a couple of pictures for Todd.”

R.L took a few pictures of Todd and Maddox, 8, and set the camera down. Just then, a dove flew out onto the field, and Maddox made a very impressive shot and dropped the bird.

“I picked up the camera and was going to get a picture of Maddox retrieving his kill, and I will let you guess what happened next,” said R.L.

Amazingly, a hawk swooped down, grabbed Maddox’s dove in its talons and left.

“The hawk then went out of sight,” said R.L. “Could this be the same hawk from last year?”

Although R.L. and Maddox missed delicious birds on their supper plates, each enjoyed seeing something very unique.

“I posted this on Facebook and said hunting isn’t just about the kill, it’s about enjoying time with friends and family and watching what the Lord has put out there for us to see,” said R.L. “I am not a photographer, so I was just lucky to get the pictures. I did not pull the trigger on that day. I received all the satisfaction of this hunt I needed.”

Editor’s Note: See something weird or noteworthy in the woods? E-mail information and pictures to [email protected].

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