GON’s 2022 Pay Dove Shoots List

Our annual list of dove shoots where hunters can pay to hunt birds.

GON Staff | August 1, 2022

That wonderful smell of burnt gunpowder will float through the Georgia air on Saturday, Sept. 3. If you’ve got some cash and want a place to sit opening day, there are some options below.

The phones have been ringing as folks await GON’s annual Pay Dove Shoots list. Well, here you go! Dial these phone numbers, reserve your spots and shoot straight.

Keep in mind that we’re rolling into year No. 2 when dove hunting will legally begin one-half hour before sunrise on opening day, which happens to be Saturday, Sept. 3. No longer will hunters be required to wait until 12 noon before shooting on opening day. However, not everyone is on board with the time change. There are still some who choose to begin their shoots in the afternoon. Make sure you ask the field owner when the start time is before you agree to pay for a spot on the field. 

Much like our Dial-A-Tracking-Dog, Deer Cooler and Trappers For Hire lists, GON doesn’t endorse those who appear on the Dove Shoots list. We simply provide opportunities for dove field owners to let y’all know about their fields, while providing our readers with options to shoot birds and make a transition to fall hunting.

Burke Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3, 5 and every Saturday after that during all three seasons. Field—Five fields totaling 25 acres field planted in corn, millet, sunflowers and sorghum. Cost—$225 on Sept. 3 and starting at 12 p.m. $175 for each shoot after opening day. Amenities—Lunch on Sept. 3. Contact—Russell Lloyd, 706.799.7125.

Crisp/Worth Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3, 4, 5, 10. Field—Four shoots on two different dove fields. Fields consist of burnt corn, wheat and millet. Cost—$225 lets you hunt all four shoots. Contact—Steve Mills, 478.256.6340.

Dodge Co.: Shoot Date—Early season hunts already sold out. Shoots should be available in December and January but depends on migratory birds. Cost—$60/gun. Contact—Radford Dunlap with Swamp Kuntry Outfitters at 478.960.0103 or [email protected].

Elbert Co.: Shoot Date—Opening day; call for later shoots. Field—Two fields totaling 10 acres in millet. Cost—$200 for opening day and includes morning and afternoon. Amenities—Cabin rental, bathroom, RV hook-ups, BBQ lunch, drinks. Contact—Scott Moore, 678.361.7107.

Franklin Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3, possible later dates available upon request. Field—Four fields totaling 100 acres in proso millet, sunflowers and sorghum. Cost—$150. Amenities—BBQ lunch, restrooms, clubhouse. Contact—Colby Phillips, 706.255.9524; Jacob Nash 706.255.6372.

Lamar Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3, 10, 24; Oct. 8; Nov. 19, 26; Dec. 24. Field—Multiple fields totaling 100 acres planted in millet, sunflowers and grain sorghum. Cost—$700 for season pass and two meals. No single hunt tickets. Amenities—BBQ opening day. Wild-game supper Nov. 19. Contact—Fred Moye, 404.936.2279. 

Pulaski Co.: Shoot Date—Sunday, Sept. 4. Field—60-acre watermelon field. Cost—$100/gun. Contact—Radford Dunlap with Swamp Kuntry Outfitters at 478.960.0103 or [email protected].

Taliaferro Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3. Field—Two fields planted in millet. Cost—$125/shooter. Sponsorship spots $250. If you have a youth hunter 17 or younger, and he or she hunts from your stand, you can both attend the barbecue and hunt for an additional $50. Amenities—BBQ lunch. Contact—Steve Burch, 706.717.1387. Space is limited.

Walton Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3, 5. Field—60-acre field planted in millet. Cost—$250/gun lets you hunt both days. Amenities—Food truck on Sept. 3. Bathrooms both days. Contact—Jeff Tupper, 770.235.9023.

Washington Co.: Shoot Date—Sept. 3, 5. Field—Two fields totaling 100 acres in sunflowers and corn strips. Cost—$175/gun for Sept. 3 or $250 for Saturday and Monday. Amenities—BBQ lunch and door prizes on Sept. 3. Contact—Bill Hartley, 478.640.1001.

Wilcox Co.: Two corn fields (50 and 60 acres) for lease Sept. 3-5. Contact—Radford Dunlap with Swamp Kuntry Outfitters at 478.960.0103 or [email protected].

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  1. Brandon T Bennett on August 31, 2023 at 8:55 am

    Dove season open this Saturday., September 2nd not the 3rd. Everyone has it listed all wrong.

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