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GON Staff | October 6, 2021

Gator season won’t officially close until Oct. 4, but this season already has been highlighted by some really big Georgia alligators. As we always enjoy doing in October, we show off the ones from folks who have taken the time to send in pictures and info. We hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we do.

If you’ve drawn a tag or been a part of a successful alligator hunt, we’d like to see yours photos. Drop us an email with some caption info to [email protected]. We’ll make sure to publish you in our online Trophy Room, and you may be published in a future GON magazine. Keep watching our Scrapbook department.

Zone 4, Brooks County: Ashley Bitter with a 9-10 from Lake Nichols.

Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Tag Holder Blake Addleton (right), his dad Chris Addleton and Daniel Cannington, of Cairo, hooked this 12-2 gator with assistance from guide Chris Blackmon at 1:15 a.m. on Aug. 30. “What a monster of a fight,” said Chris.

Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Charles Quirk and his dad Charlie Quirk with a 500-pounder from Lake Seminole. The big lizard measured just under 12 feet and was taken on Sept. 10.

Zone 3, Lake Blackshear: Clifford Smith reports, “We hooked him with rod and reel. About 30 minutes later, Duane Furnish was able to get a hand-line hook in him to assist in pulling him up to the boat. Daryl Lee caught Duane before he was pulled out of the boat, and together with rod line and hand line, we were able to pull the gator up to the boat. The gator measured 11-10 and weighed 460 pounds.”

Zone 3, Flint River: GON subscriber Nathan Mason reports, “This is my son Ethan Mason, of Bolingbroke. He is 12 years old, and this is his first alligator harvest. This gator was about 6 feet long and killed in the Flint River in Dooly County. He took it early morning on Aug. 29.

Zone 1, Chattahoochee River: Joseph Cirincione reports, “Gator hunt in the Chattahoochee, spotted him about 11:30 p.m. After the fight, got him in the boat after two bang stick rounds. Measured at 11-3, 500 pounds. Guided hunt with Gator Mike (not pictured).” In the picture (left to right) are Chris McCaskill, Rocco, 12, and Joseph Cirincione.

Zone 1, Stewart County: This one came in through social media and we didn’t get a size, but it’s a big one. Taken in Stewart County on Aug. 22. Lee Durden, Kyle Switzer and Eric Switzer, all from Columbus, want to thank Chaz Ingle, Tripp Watson and JD.

Michael Todd from Peachtree City scored nicely on his first alligator hunt with a gator that measure 9 feet, 6 inches.

Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Theses guys say this beast isn’t quite a 12-footer, but he’s not missing it by much. Congrats to Mike Kinna, Taylor Kinna and Christian Thompson.

Zone 2, Lake Seminole: Here’s a 12-footer taken on Aug. 26. Thanks Stephen Tarpley for allowing GON to celebrate in your success and sending the pic to us through our Instagram page.

Zone 9, Jenkins County: The Teston family from Augusta will not soon forget the morning they spent on a cypress and lily pad choked lake hunting Georgia alligators. Kevin Teston said the tag holders for this hunt were his wife Berkeley and his daughter Kacky. In a great morning on Aug. 21, Kacky killed an 8-8 by 8 a.m., and Berkeley took a 10-9 just a little while later. What a hunt! You can read their full hunt story at

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