Fab 40: Best Bucks Of The 2022-2023 Georgia Deer Season

The 2022-2023 season was better than average, highlighted by three Booners—two killed with crossbows.

GON Staff | July 29, 2023

The Fab 40 is GON’s annual compilation of Georgia’s best bucks from the previous season. This exclusive list includes only bucks measured by certified scorers. The Fab 40 provides a great way to compare our deer seasons. The chart on page 47 includes a 20-year average of how many bucks cracked the 150-class benchmark, the 160-mark, and how many scored high enough to qualify for the all-time Boone & Crockett record book. Last season hit above average on all three marks.

The top buck of the 2022-23 season was a true Georgia giant—a Wilcox County typical 12-pointer that netted 182 6/8, killed by Wade Severson. Like many of the best bucks from last season that appear in Fab 40, the story of Wade’s buck is available at

• Year Of The Crossbow Bucks: It may be forever before Georgia again sees two state-record bucks killed in one season. Levi Sullens broke the Georgia crossbow record with a Booner from Hall County that netted 173 1/8. Then, just before this issue went to press, we got the official score on a south Fulton County crossbow buck killed by Trevor Ray that netted 177 even.

No. 1, Wade Severson, Wilcox Co., 182 6/8 Typical


No. 2, Trevor Ray, Fulton Co., 177 0/8 Typical, Crossbow


No. 3, Levi Sullens, Hall Co., 173 1/8 Typical, Crossbow


No. 5, Lindell Richey, Greene Co., 193 7/8 Non-typical


No. 6, Josh Jones, Tift Co., 167 7/8 Typical


No. 7 , Carly Jane Jordan, Carroll Co., 164 1/8 Typical


No. 8, Terry Dooley, Stephens Co., 161 2/8 Typical


No. 9, Bryce Spillers, Upson Co., 184 6/8 Non-typical Bow-kill


No. 11, Jody Swearingen, Crisp Co., 158 6/8 Typical


No. 12, John Donalson, Mitchell Co., 158 1/8 Typical


No. 13, Mike Smith, Hancock Co., 181 0/8 Non-typical


No. 14, Garrett Jones, Dougherty Co., 180 6/8 Non-typical Bow-kill


No. 15, Terry Hollis, Gwinnett Co., 180 1/8 Non-typical


No. 16, Jimmy High, Sumter Co., 179 7/8 Non-typical


No. 17, Jason White, DeKalb Co., 155 4/8 Typical Bow-kill


No. 18, Zachary Hartzog, Houston Co., 154 0/8 Typical Bow-kill


No. 19, Rob Rozar, Worth Co., 153 1/8 Typical Bow-kill


No. 20, Bryson Edwards, Jackson Co., 153 0/8 Typical


No. 21, Sy Crumley, Tift Co., 152 5/8 Typical


No. 22, Billy Murray, Candler Co., 152 3/8 Typical


No. 24, Roger Hall Jr., Dougherty Co., 151 7/8 Typical Bow-kill


No. 23, Briggs Daniel, Thomas Co., 152 2/8 Typical


No. 25, Jeremy Doss, Tift Co., 151 0/8 Typical


No. 26, Jon Wynn, Brooks Co., 150 5/8 Typical Bow-kill


No. 27, Cayden Mathews, Brooks Co., 172 6/8 Non-typical


No. 28, Lance Ramsey, Worth Co., 150 4/8 Typical


No. 29, Glenn Paschal, Dougherty Co., 150 2/8 Typical Crossbow


No. 30, Adam Childers, Colquitt Co., 149 6/8 Typical


No. 31, Terry Stuart, Troup Co., 149 2/8 Typical


No. 32, EJ Mullis, Worth Co., 148 5/8 Typical


No. 33, Kevin Griner, Candler Co., 148 3/8 Typical


No. 34, Sumner Powell, Tift Co., 170 1/8 Non-typical


No. 35, Josh Howell, Taliaferro Co., 148 2/8 Typical









No. 36, Lindsay Paul, Jasper Co., 168 4/8 Non-typical

No. 37 , Wilton Stephens, Baker Co., 168 3/8 Non-typical Bow-kill


No. 38 (tie), Danny Bishop, Lee Co., 146 5/8 Typical Bow-kill


No. 38 (tie), Brian Wise, Sumter Co., 146 5/8 Typical


No. 40, Larry Payton, Spalding Co., 146 3/8 Typical

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