Tired Creek Bass Record Broken Again

A 14-lb., 9.6-oz. largemouth sets the bar very high for this south Georgia lake.

Craig James | May 5, 2021

What started out as a test run in their new bass boat quickly turned into the trip of a lifetime for the Parker family from Valdosta.

Amanda, Clay and their daughter Ella Kate decided to give Tired Creek Lake a try on May 1, hoping to catch a few quality fish and to enjoy some quality family time on the water.

Amanda Parker feels blessed to be the new record holder for Tired Creek largemouth.

“The night before we went I told Clay to let’s give Tired Creek a try,” said Amanda. “We’d been hearing from friends that the fishing had been good lately, so we decided to give it a whirl.”

After running some errands first thing, the family managed to make it to the boat ramp at about 8:15 a.m.

“We were catching some good quality fish in the 3- to 5-lb. range right off the bat, the fish were biting pretty good,” said Clay.

Then Amanda made a cast to the base of a tree and got her worm hung… or so she thought.

“I was pulling on it, snatching it and trying to get it free, but it just wouldn’t budge,” she said. “Clay moved the boat in closer, so I could try to get it out, and that’s when everything changed.”

They quickly realized they were dealing with the fish of a lifetime, as they worked to get the giant bass to the boat.

“I was fishing with my Dobyns rod and a Shimano Chronarch spooled with 14-lb. Sunline Fluorocarbon line, and that bass was putting it all to the test,” said Amanda. “As soon as Clay scooped the fish in the net, I just lost it, I couldn’t believe what was going on, it was unreal.”

They knew they were dealing with a fish of record-breaking size. The Tired Creek Lake largemouth record at the time was set about six weeks earlier by Timmy Manac when he caught a 13-lb., 10.56-oz. fish.

The Parker family began to search for a set of certified scales to get a weight on the fish. The behemoth barely fit into the livewell.

“There was a tournament going on, so we checked with them first, and they didn’t know if their scales were certified,” said Clay. “But after a few calls around, we were able to track down the Lake Director and get the fish certified.”

Ella Kate found a bobber that morning and gave it to her mama for good luck. Looks like it paid off in a giant way.

The new lake-record largemouth was verified by Lake Director Mike Binion, along with other witnesses. The fish measured a whopping 28 inches and weighed 14-lbs., 9.6-ozs.

“I’m still in disbelief,” said Amanda. “I’m thankful for my husband and all the fishing I get to do with him, and I believe the good Lord and some luck helped me, too. That morning at breakfast when I said grace, at the end I said and ‘Lord please help me catch a big bass.’ Then when we got to the lake, Ella Kate found a bobber and told me to put it in my pocket for good luck. I’m still in disbelief of how the day unfolded. It was the trip of a lifetime, and I thank God I got to experience it with my family.”

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Requirements For Record Fish

  • Fish must be caught legally by rod and reel in a manner consistent with state game and fish regulations.
  • Catch must be weighed on accurate Georgia DOA certified scales with at least two witnesses present, who must be willing to provide their names and phone numbers so they can be contacted to verify the weighing of the fish.
  • Witnesses to the weighing must be at least 18 years old, and they must not be members of the angler’s immediate family nor have a close personal relationship with the angler.
  • Catch must be positively identified by qualified DNR personnel.

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  1. Destarr33 on May 5, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    Congratulations Amanda and family! What a wonderful experience and blessing catching an amazing bass. I hope you have many more years of fishing and family time.

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