Richard Little’s West Point Lake Record Bass

GON Staff | July 10, 1988

Here’s the 14-lb., 2-oz. largemouth bass record from West Point. Richard E. Little, of Powder Springs, caught the fish on April 15, 1988.


West Point Lake Record Fish

Largemouth Bass 14-lbs., 2-ozs. Richard Little 04/15/1988
Spotted Bass 6-lbs., 9-ozs. Wendell Young 02/07/1990
White Crappie 3-lbs., 14-ozs. Willie Arnold 02/15/1989
Black Crappie 3-lbs., 6-ozs. Edward Cagle 03/14/1996
Hybrid Bass 14-lbs., 12.75-ozs. Dustin Pate 03/13/2009
Shoal Bass 3-lbs., 7-ozs. Danny Swafford 08/02/1997
Blue Catfish 61-lbs. Jerrimie Tolbert 10/22/2022
Flathead Catfish 48-lbs. Mike Felter 08/22/2020
Yellow Perch 1-lb., 2.4-ozs. Toney Booker 11/18/2017
Channel Catfish 16-lbs., 7.5-ozs. Owen Knabe 4/22/2018
Striped Bass 36-lbs., 2.72-ozs. Mike Bradford 03/08/2019


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