Lake Burton

Lake Burton is a 2,775-acre Georgia Power Co. reservoir located in the northeast corner of Georgia in Rabun County. Burton offers very good bass fishing, and it also has a unique fishery for reservoir trout. The lake is lined with exclusive homes. It is the first lake in a six-lake series of small reservoirs on the Tallulah River. The chain begins with Lake Burton as the northernmost lake followed by Seed, Rabun, Tallulah Falls, Tugalo and Yonah.

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Lake Burton Fishing Reports – June 2024

By GON Staff | May 29, 2024

Burton: Level: 1.8 feet below 1866.66. Temp: 74 degrees. Clarity: Clear. Bass: Guide Wes Carlton, with Georgia Lake Fishing guide service, reports, “The bass bite has been the best I have seen in the last couple of years. We are catching between 20 and as many as 40 in a single fishing trip. Sebile swimbaits have been the dominate baits with a few bigger fish being caught in chrome jerkbaits. Most of the fish are sitting on a 14- to 18-foot bottom in and around major lake points. The frog bite has been working well in the mornings for some really nice largemouth. Look for these fish to start feeding deeper in the next few weeks. The drop-shot bite will take off in June. Good luck!” Brown Trout: Guide Wes Carlton, with Georgia Lake Fishing guide service, reports, “The brown trout fishing has been great the last couple of days.…

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Lake Burton Fishing Articles

3-lb. Shellcracker Sets Savannah River Record, Three New Big-Fish Records Established

The Savannah River near Augusta continues to churn out new river-record fish — the latest a whopper 3-lb. shellcracker. New records have also been recently established for flathead catfish on Allatoona, rainbow trout at Lake Burton and brown trout on the new Toccoa River listing. For information on GON’s lake and river records, call (800)…

Lake Burton Magnum May Spots

Each May the shad and blue- back herring will spawn by the gazillions, and when they do, bass and other predatory fish gorge themselves on the baitfish. On north Georgia reservoirs that have blueback herring, anglers experience some of the fastest, most fun fishing of the year. If a lake is full of big spots,…

Lake Burton Brown Trout During The “Trout Days” Of Summer

The summer of 2006 is turning out to be extremely hot and unusually dry…. not exactly the kind of weather conditions that one dreams about for trout fishing. But, the hotter the air temperature, the better trout fishing becomes on north Georgia’s Lake Burton. In fact, because trout fishing can really heat up on Lake…

April On Lake Burton, Cast A Sammy

Lake Burton, with its deep, gin-clear water, has earned the reputation of being a tough bass-fishing lake most of the year. There are two months that are an exception, however, and those months are April and May, according to Wayne Holcomb of Lakemont. “April and May are the two best months on Burton,” he said.…

The Late Show For Lake Burton Bass

The Zara Spook on Johnny’s line zig-zagged back toward the boat in a tight “V” pattern across the barely-rippled surface of Lake Burton. The water swirled behind the bait once, then twice from something unseen shadowing the lure. Then, when the bait was just 15 feet from the boat, the fish trailing it rushed, this…

Burton Lake Records

Largemouth Bass14-lbs.Carl Lovell Jr.05/28/93
Spotted Bass8-lbs., 2-ozs.Wayne Holland02/23/05
Smallmouth Bass4-lbs.Jeff Blair10/15/08
Striped Bass47-lbs.Robin Vaughn12/02/88
Hybrid Bass12-lbs., 12-ozs.Richard Sokolowski05/03/15
White Bass3-lbs., 2-ozs.Tod Hickman05/02/12
Walleye11-lbs.Steven Kenny04/13/63
Yellow Perch2-lbs., 9-ozs.*Emerson Mulhall02/18/24
Black Crappie2-lbs., 11-ozs.Tom Cook03/07/94
Brown Trout12-lbs., 4-ozs.Tom Fox05/30/22
Rainbow Trout6-lbs.Lila Kilby10/21/22
Shellcracker3-lbs.Greg Taylor05/21/75
Bluegill1-lb., 15,5-ozs.J. Gary Simmons07/03/76
Channel Catfish18-lbs., 12-ozs.Bland Burroughs10/14/94
White Catfish4-lbs., 4-ozs.Bill Papineau10/02/93