Lake Page Sponsorship

Mike Rhodes | April 30, 2017

Does your business cater to anglers, boaters and others that recreate on the lake? Now you can feature your business on GON’s Lake & River pages. Choose the lake or river that is best for your business, and your ad will appear every time that page is loaded. There’s limited availability on each page, so sign up now. Lock it down, and you can hold onto this valuable marketing space for years.

GON will design your ad and have it linked to your webpage or Facebook page or whatever URL is best for your business. People see it, click it and you’re ready to do business. Marinas, Restaurants, Campgrounds & RV Parks, Fishing Guides, Hotels, Boat Dealers – it’s a great fit for any business catering to lake visitors.

Lake Page Features Include:

• GON’s official Lake & River Records
• Current lake water levels
• Most recent and archived GON fishing report
• GON articles for each lake
• Location map

Each lake page contains the important information lake visitors need and want to know. Now every time they look at the lake page near your business, your ad will be front and center.

Sponsorship is only $350 for a year. The 6-month cost is $240. Sponsor multiple lakes and get a discount. Give us a call at 800-438-4663; email us at [email protected] or print the reservation sheet from this page and send it over to us. Availability is limited, so get in touch with us now. Print Reservation Sheet

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