Flint River

The Flint River begins its journey south toward Lake Seminole with headwaters at the Atlanta airport. The Flint River is one of only 40 rivers in the nation to flow more than 200 miles unimpeded by dams or other manmade structures, the first dam being the Lake Blackshear dam about 15 miles upstream of Albany. The upper Flint as it flows through the Thomaston and Talbot County area offers a unique and very good fishery for shoal bass. The lower Flint flows through fertile farm country through Georgia's top big-buck counties, and below Lake Blackshear the Flint again offers great shoal bass fishing. At the Lake Seminole dam, the Flint River combines with other tributaries and forms the Apalachicola River below the dam.

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South Georgia River Bass Fishing

Another spring has come to Georgia. Sure, we may have a few cold blasts of air conditioning left from Old Man Winter, but the sunshine beaming through my kitchen window as I begin to type this story assures me that warmer days are just a stone’s throw away. Yes-sir, it’s time to go fishing in…

Lower Flint River Shoal Bass

  As I’m beginning to type this story, a quick look out my kitchen window reminds me that fall has finally arrived in south Georgia. And after my 37th summer in the Peach State, I couldn’t be happier that it’s finally my favorite time of the year. I believe bass feel the same way as…

First Fishing Access Public Meeting Draws Crowd

A crowd spilled outside the building and vehicles filled the available parking during the first public meeting of the Georgia House of Representatives Study Committee to discuss fishing access to rivers and streams. The meeting was held yesterday, Oct. 4, 2023, at Towerhouse Farm Brewery in Meriwether County, mere miles from the upper Flint River,…

Public Hearings On River Access And Fishing Rights

The issue of fishing access and what constitutes a navigable waterway will be the topic at upcoming public meetings. The first hearing is in Meriwether County at 10 a.m. Oct. 4 at the Towerhouse Farm Brewery in Gay. Anyone wishing to provide public comment must first be put on the agenda by emailing [email protected]. The…

Flint River Shoal Bass

Looking at the bubbling water racing across the rocky shoals, sprinkled with colorful spider lilies cramped within the crevasses, it’s hard to believe you’re in middle Georgia. While drifting down the Piedmont section of the Flint River in a raft, the rolling hills and rocky cliffs stretch upward to the sky, interspersed with many flat…

Flint River Record Fish

Striped Bass48-lbs., 5-ozs.John Hoffpauir Jr.05/20/83
Shoal Bass8-lbs., 3-ozs.*David Hubbard10/77
Flathead Catfish43-lbs.Tiff Thompson04/13/12
Longnose Gar28-lbs., 6-ozs.Richard Johnson01/95
Shadow Bass10-ozs.Kristen Brown06/01/16
Black Crappie2-lbs., 5.44-ozs.Jerrod Brown03/04/21