Lake Blackshear

Lake Blackshear is one of southwest Georgia's premier fishing destinations for bass, crappie, bream, linesides and catfish. The reservoir on the Flint River was created by a dam completed in 1930. The 8,500-acre lake is approximately 20 miles long and varies in width, but is rarely more than one mile wide. The lake borders Crisp, Dooly, Lee, Sumter and Worth counties in southwest Georgia.

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Clouds Of Lake Blackshear Crappie In October

When crappie are stacked up over brush on the river channel ledges at Lake Blackshear, October is a great time to catch them. Find the right place, and you can catch a limit of good eating-size crappie. Crappie love wood cover like brushpiles and standing timber. And if that wood is on a channel drop,…

Fish Rock Near Deeper Water For January Lake Blackshear Bass

Blackshear is full of tempting targets. Cypress trees run for miles, and there are grassbeds everywhere. But in January, anglers should bypass that good-looking cover and look instead for rocks near deep water to catch Lake Blackshear bass. You don’t have to run all over the lake to find rock if you know where to…

Blackshear’s First Shellcracker Record Is A Grown ‘Un

When Robin Van Dette made her first cast of the day on Lake Blackshear, she immediately knew something big had inhaled the red wiggler she was using for bait. Over the next few minutes and hours, her emotions would go from excitement, to disappointment, to incredible excitement. “My husband Mark and I have a place…

Blackshear Shallow Bass Bite Heats Up In October

Lake Blackshear has to be one of Georgia’s “fishiest” looking lakes. Everywhere you look, you think… “There’s a bass by that cypress tree, I could catch one out of that grass, those docks look great, and I bet fish feed on that rip-rap.”  You will often be right.  Blackshear is located on the Flint River…

Blackshear Yellow Perch Sets Lake Record

When Georgia anglers think of yellow perch, their first thought is probably some northern lake where walleye are king. The shallow, cypress-laden waters of Lake Blackshear might not come to mind when a yellow perch is mentioned. That may change now that Stephen Lane, of Cordele, has registered a whopper of a yellow perch that…

Blackshear Lake Record Fish

Largemouth Bass11-lbs., 7.84-ozs.Scott Holland04/01/06
Striped Bass35-lbs., 1.6-ozs.Steve Phillips02/03/18
Black Crappie3-lbs., 9.28-ozs.Casey Tanner04/13/19
White Crappie2-lbs., 15-ozs.Paula Short03/29/07
Flathead Catfish39-lbs., 15.04-ozs.Shannen Kitchens09/15/17
Hybrid Bass10-lbs., 0.16-ozs.Billy Myers12/23/19
Yellow Perch1-lb., 5.6-ozs.Stephen Lane12/11/2020
Shellcracker2-lbs., 1.44-ozs.Robin Van Dette04/24/22
Shoal Bass4-lbs., 2.56-ozs.Jerrod Brown03/05/22